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>> Jun 24, 2006

It was raining that day
We two met at a garden
On that bench which was all wet
our mind too.
I proposed to you,I remember-
on my knees,with a rose.
More of a convention than of a feeling i suppose.
Seconds went by like ages past
You were all red.
"If you had really loved me soumya,
You wouldn't have so easily said you love me
pile of emotions would have robbed you of words"
Sentiments mixed with silence is what love is all about
I discovered and learnt it that day.
If I had really loved you....

It is shining today
We two do not meet anymore.
On that bench where it is all dry
memories reside but emotions fly.
If silence mixed with grief was to be called disappointment
So be it,I said to myself with voice permanant.
Strolling towards the bench i knew
Eyes were following me though very few.
I sat and cried with eyes sobbed.
I knew what i missed,from what i was stopped.
A hand anchored my shoulder.the touch i got
A shiver through the spine recalling my happiness I forgot
"YOur tears tell me a thousand times that you love me.
Emotions,all about love,how can i let them free."
I held her hand with no words spoke
She prssed my hand on a happy love note.
Poems are stories told in a matured way
Truth it depicts as feelings fly near and away.


>> Jun 10, 2006

Words,they are only words and nothing else!

Words they are only words and nothing else!
Success comes up with words of praise.
Failure comes with mouthful of consolation.
We live life and love life
Words flow and never stop like time doesn't.
Memory speaks a hundred words
Separtion craves for words of meeting.
Happiness flows with spontaneous words.
Bitterment searches them but nowhere.
Music makes words look gorgeous.
Quarrel hates them so throws out.
Solitude finds them to solliloque
and death gets the deepest of them all,-silence.
words are only words and at last nothing else.


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