Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya


>> Jul 30, 2008

It was an autumn afternoon
When we had flown the last kite,
Abandoning it at the sky
watching the orphaned paper-stick
Going away ,far,
Somewhere we couldn't see
As he had too , for all these years.

At this stage of life
Where the mind is restless for those
lost pictures, the blurry images
Were suddenly fresh with his arrival.

-Long time , no ?
--Really .Seemed ages.

Breathlessly we talked of
Memories we knew of us ,
we had of our own
Like kids savouring
Their bits of the afternoons.

Some moments are
As we walked towards our
Youthful reminiscence ,
Never knew how
Space and time abided by emotions.

-Look , that kite !
--So what ?
-Should we,now ?
--Who else is watching ?
-Do you care?
-- -(giggles)

And we ran.
Silently in unison ,
For you ,
A thousand times over!


[For all the friends I have , A true flight it has been for me ,because of you all]



>> Jul 27, 2008

In a perpetual circle of
complex vicinity,
I stand aloof and wondrous,
perplexed with the questions
that are too rough to be asked ,
Too smooth to beget.

The mind masturbates
With an overpowering lust ,
follows passion and
at last a guilt
to take nothing for
tomorrow but the night
and we find an escapade in sleep.
Do we actually?

We know we could
rebel against things that
We don't wish for ,
But never did , because
to us , sins are worth waiting for.

As even the snakes meet
To climb up the passion
of each other ,
Knowing never that
they need an axis to do so ,
Our spinal chords helplessly await
Their turns , but to be defied
of limited hopes .

I watch the jelly fishes glow
on the sea shore , alluring .
A life so short lived couldn't have
offered more divine a sight
while praying for the wave
to be intrinsic ;
For ever
To take it home.




>> Jul 13, 2008

When we sit with each other
In assurance , the candle lights up
Uncertainty ,but in vain.

I see you , a bit.
you talk to me , a lot.
And we cherish ,both.

The flame dances beyond our
Shadows ,ever so curious
To reach there ,but .

We keep things vague ,as if
bearing the impotence of that candle to
Reach afar.

Aren't we the same
Even after so many candle-lits?

Emotions are more
Like this wax .
It melts within and burns,
Then freezes, --
Disoriented ,
But still there ,
Until another match

We await ,
Not knowing
whether to fall prey
Or to let it die .



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