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>> Mar 30, 2006


Have we ever seen through ourselves? have we?
On the deep dark streets of memoirs haven't we ever felt guilty??
When the Sun blessed us wid success, didnt we congratulated ourselves?didnt we feel proud?
But when failure eclipsed our good times didn't we blame others?
didnt we make a mutual agreement wid conscience?
How many times have we considered ourselves unlucky--
when the situation was to blame ourselves only.
And fate was there,alwayz,
more as an excuse than a belief.
God got blamed evrywhere we failed.
And we praised ourselves anywhere we won!
Think back,its never too late to change things.
We shouldn't pay for what we have done in the past
but it is the time we take a lessson and see through ourselves.
probably we can clear out the black dots in our mind
wid consciousness added to right judgements.


>> Mar 28, 2006


I have a garden of roses.
flowers-- only friends for me.
different smells match the human emotions i suppose,
the world as it is today,mixed emotions portrayed in small canvas
there are the red roses
they remind me of the vivacity,the enthusiasm i used to have sumday
i know little about the outer world
the activities,the events.
my only source,my garden grows wid worldly experince.
i look at the pink ones-
sensuality,some kind of wisdom.
the black ones-
awares me of the dark shades of human nature.
there are my favorites,white roses.
peace,generosity and kindness all over it.
the fragrance,mixed emotions of human mind-
my garden use to convey them to me.
But until one morning..wat do i see!!!
the white flowers,all of them,have gone pale overnight.
they are no more.
the more i looked i for,disappointed i got.
i searched my garden madly
not a trace of white;nowhere to be seen.
i asked,"Hey God why did u do this to me,why my garden?"
someone whispered,"Boy,i asked the same question to men"
there was silence from both ends.


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