Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya


>> Sep 23, 2010

There is a game we play.
Black and white, as they are.
64 is just a number,
as are cats' nine lives or our one heart.

You are a pawn
if you are first.
Reason out your sacrifice, within.
When someone crosses,
die hard.

Relations are straight.
Go, meet and stay.
When needed we know
You and I become animal, diagonal.
Eat up and carry the leftover.

Escapists wait for two and a half.
When no one is looking,
they jump, at night.
They prey.

You and I are pawns.
Like emotions and trees
we never go back.
I die when he kills.

Or else squares make me a vegetable.

Money is like a rook,
Traverses here to end,
Scaled to be one-dimensional it is.
Then Life castles.
We trade humans for emotions.
Love migrates,
We call it a defense.

Beyond all these,
time excuses itself as we blindly
fit ourselves to those 64 squares.

Win, lose, mutual, checkmate!
Why do we always have a story to tell?



The Hungry Tide

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