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Crescendo of Love-notes!

>> May 28, 2008

Your music
Brought me to this place
Where I don't yearn for the flute
To play the reminiscer,
Where I don't bear the
Pain of angst and despair
That my Violins used to

I was the creator of
Those tunes where I
injected passion to welcome
all ,
to my parade of prestige.

But now its all
Too harsh in-front of your
Subtle notes,
All too incoherent behind
Your smiles and giggles.

Because I stand
in this silent podium
Of life ,
devoid of any glitters,
glamours and claps,
the depth of love
I have for you ,
And there
I am just too novice to
pen a notation.

Hold my hand dear
So that
You teach ,
I learn and
We ripple
the silent symphony,
that for once and for all
melts the
Crescendo into
Undying refulgence.




>> May 22, 2008

It will be again Them
For whom I will
Put up glowing lipstick,
Crimson colors,
The ghungroos ;
Bangles?? oh! they
Are too noisy.

And then,
Like the way you invite
Winter to bare all up
Just to let Spring in next,
They will do so.
Push me where I go
Every night.
Different faces,same souls.
Confounded in desires and lust.

I will take it all.
As long as you are there
To ask me ,
"How are you ?"
The next morning.
Oh! how I love the deceptive
Glad I don't have a mirror.
How I know how the world is.
They never turn up to me
In the mornings,
except you.

Learning it all that 'I'
Can't be loved ,
You ,unpretentiously ,gave me
What I dreamt of!

And that is what I
Don't make me dream honey.
They are long gone
Under the tormented beds of
Naked petals.
I don't want to feel
Purity because
Here ,for us ,
It costs them
Five hundred.

Door clutches
Your next..



To let

Sometimes in life
We rethink a phase
When we are done by.

Was it destined to
Happen only here ?

And we ,with our
Restrictive calculations
Measure the latency :
Like as if
Moths are to indulge
into fire.

Its all about romancing
that emotion
You never knew
was inside.

But as you did ,
You care for 'we'
Forgetting the effects,
Ignoring the age
and the hideous 'what if's.

Feelings bridge the gaps
of two lonesome hearts
You just respond
To the call.

To name it
is to melt the ice
that kept the moments frozen.
Don't you ever.




>> May 21, 2008

If it had
Only been about appearance,
I would have
chosen the best brands
and accessories
and perfumes and
make ups
to come in-front of you.

But what if
It had rained that day!
Would you have
Loved a troubled face ?
a messed up me ?

I wonder why
Love had to be staged
when it was only you,
Who knew
How I am &
More importantly
How we are.

If at all
It had no curtains
In between.



Futile Solution...

>> May 19, 2008

Beyond the azure sky
The first rain awaits
Its fall.
And down there
that blue eyed
Boy hopes,
He would dilute
At the same time
with his ..

Moments lapse.

Then the
Drops reunite
Whispering one's grief
To the other .

Who would have thought,
Even decadence finds
Its solace in
Desperate communion!




>> May 18, 2008

You give me a
White tablet often.
White, you say,
Your favourite colour.
I resonate that to
My heart and gulp it down
Every night.
And you stand assured
Pretending a smile ,
Thinking that I won't know
These biochemics would cramp me up,
Will stress my nerves
Smilingly erasing me to
A mental coma.

Still I nod
And gulp them down
In memory of those dreams
I saw of us ,
You promised of us...
And kill myself
Willingly so that you be
Happy ,
knowing never ,
How there would be no tomorrow
For you ,after tonight
Just like me.

"...It was never a revenge dear.
Its just the game you played
And we lost.
Atleast, something together."


P.S.-- The first few lines are borrowed from S.Rukhiya's ''Present..?'' ..Just a different outlook that I tried to manage from the very same context!



I would have loved
A nod.
Even 'No'
Would have been bearable
To compromise with
Some sleepless nights.
Your compassionate pause
Built me a glass wall
That was opaque enough
To hide my face
so that tears could escape

That was when
I started to like the
Glass palace around,
Because I had to
Defy the moments
you were in.
I fought against me.




>> May 13, 2008

And we are captured
Into a single page of lamination
That holds a hundred others
Of memories--
But importantly Together.

"Look at her as she smiles"
"And look how crazy I was"
"Oh you,always flying !"
"and Sam ? where is he ?"
Tons of comments passed on
from here and there,
As I get my copy of memory
And keep it in the diary,
That has no dates
But a farewell to my friends,
Promising nothing,
Only a "..will miss you all"
to sob me with mine,
With tears I didn't know
How to shed .

As I looked up ,
I saw in haze
some giggling nascent eyes
With me ,
My memory and



The neon lights
Create a mystic fog
Around the footpaths,
As hundreds of faces
Enlighten themselves
For that brief moment,
Passing by
the blues,the greens,
the fluorescence
And smiling a fake smile
glittered in naked fashion.

On the other way
To the dark side of the moon
People celebrate success by vodkas
and break offs with another sip
In the same table,
With nuts and guts!
Where citylight dares to reach
Just a bit.
And they laugh at others,
and their own fates.
As ladies dance their way to
Heaven in necropolis
Holding on to steely truth,
Behind bars!

Somewhere in between
Lies the scent of the dwellers,
Who choose both ways
Only alternate days
And their souls thrash into
Mercedes and Fiats and Marutis.
Still they live again
As the neons glow
With a light that is better put off.
And the faces laugh
In the fluorescence that reveals plastic
To the dark that hides their names.



A Promise

Tiptoeing through the
Darkness as the First glow
Reaches us,
I come out
In that shivering breeze
And a blue sky.

As I progress with
Naked feet, the dew drops
die of innocence
Comforting ,reminding me
Of the last night's

And I run like a child
Willingly leaving all my
Burdensome adulthood
To the horizon
Where you paint a bit of a yellow
As if alluring me into it.

Happily I reach afar
Till I fall short of breath.
Panting I return,
Promising myself like a teen
That I would walk some
Extra yards
So that one day
I reach where You
want me to.
Heaven on earth.



Never Too Late...

>> May 6, 2008

Whisper in my ears
the anthem of love,
For today
I feel not welcoming
The fear of
Snapping the thread yet again.

Could we ever
Imagine that
whimsically Together
The bond would only
grow mature!

"Insane are those who are
In love
And more so are them
Who realize what they are into"

You only had told me.

As I can emote so,
An epic of love won't do,
A monument would only exaggerate.
Proclamation will
Defy the magic of silence.

Being a paraplegic
Who played with the icicles
Knowing winter isn't going to
Last long,

I want to build
you and me
A shade of love

And this time...

Pray no rains...



The Hungry Tide

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