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Have I Ever Told You That I Love You?

>> Dec 19, 2006

dis poem is 4 all dose ppl who didn't have da heart to tell his/her love 'i love u'..if u r still waiting..wat r u waiting for??!!.go and tell dem ..that u love her/him....b4 its too late...

Have i ever confessed?
Have i ever told you that i love you?
On that morning
When the sun rose red
Did i look at your eyes?
Had i the power to look into those-
innocent,a lot shy after the night's sleep
and let my eyes speak?
On that very night
when we had gone for a nightwalk
Didn't my heart run faster?
Didn't my emotions go deep?
Amongst the millions of stars and a lone moon
Didn't i press ur hand?.....a bit?
But i couldn't say i love you.
Today if its not too late,
if you remember those unspoken words,
if you ever had fathomed my expressions
I would like to look straight into your eyes
to hold your hands gently
And ask-if its not too late
Have i ever told you that i love you?


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