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>> May 21, 2007

Its not the first time i have tried something negative...but This poem of mine is different coz its sick n negative..portraying the mind of a loner...a psycho loner...hope u people find it worth reading!


The beast in me was starved.
For it was nicety that had prevailed-
Over my appearance,over my soul!
The good in me,however insignificant
Gestured towards only the superiority of life.
Cocooned me into a shell of generosity
Where everyone was given utmost care,
The respect they deserved.
But the world,treachorous it was,
Nailed my sentiments to suffocating death breath.
The word 'love' betrayed.
'Friend' proved to be a facrcical statement.
And as i stumbled along,still optimistic...
The hypocrites turned their heads.
So the beast in me awoke.
My mind,replenished with hatred
Stood still,..waiting for revenge.
As it has just started
The beast,the ominous face of mine
Will get each betrayer assasinated,
Each head turner into a rotted corpse
And love,-into an undiluted venom.
FOr its just started...dear readers
we will have to part our ways.
As the beast in me works in silence.


A Mirror In That Room

As life was marching on,unperturbed
I had forgot about that room.
That very room where i didn't dare to go.
Where some of my preconceived notion,
some not-so-happy facts were kept-
rather locked.
Never i was an explorer.
So in my happy feet of life,
which atleast i had thought to be so
Didnt try to look at the closed door.
But as life went on, sailing,
sometimes too fast
One day I had to find a mirror.
Pity!there was none in my house.
I soliloquized,may be in that room?!
I freed myself of an age old fear.
Surprised me saw the past didnt haunt!
The present sat quiet.
I went to the mirror.
After so many days,I looked at myself.
Wasn't it too dark!
I opened up the window.
I needed the room to clear up.
As the light took possession of every inch
The darkness expressed a sigh of relief
I looked at myself,--
realized it was not the place
it was only me whom i was running from.
"Let there be light,Forever"-echoed the room!


The Hungry Tide

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