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>> Mar 19, 2011

There is a sadness in the eyes of a river when it stealthily, so quietly eats up the soft earth at night. Inch by inch. The earth is soulful, silent. It is like that lover who welcomes his decadence on a coin. There are two sides - reluctant and willing. They flip. All in the name of love. His sacrifice is not pitiable but respecting. That is why men made earth their homes and not water.

Erosion is attached to soil. Much to the surprise, it relates to soul, too. Love is the most simple word in existence. To our convenience, it is ambiguous. There is decay in emotions too. Feelings have conflicts like utensils. They are loud even at subtle moments. And one day, it discovers the gradual unreeling of soul. The realization is as penetrating as an aggressive river to its bank. You then know, belongings were lost. What remains is a map. That stays.

Words are humane. Their sensitivity comes from a different dimension. They are used, misplaced, misinterpreted and often excessed. That is why if you don't choose them carefully, there can be strange noises. They come with no cost, they don't ask. And that is why, they are bright when used less.

Pause, reader.

Time is introvert. It always rotates, uniform in a pre-defined path. It is too shy to stop so that none notices. That is the irony. Same with the blind earth at night. It accepts its decay and wishes, someday she will realize and retract. Words wait when they will not be taken as granted, much as some quiet souls.

But the erosion continues - inch by inch, soul to soul, commas to colons. Someday with all hushed in, there will be grains dried up. They won't have eyes but you will know, there was only pity.

Bring me a rain, then.


To Dash

>> Mar 14, 2011

And there will be deathless souls
Screaming and piercing the sky like white owls
as they journey to the moon.

Lovers beckon, thirsty as the dried up river
that shies below the draughted earth.
Above, they kiss holding breaths
and the unending moisture wets.

A cactus is born with red rose.

To this Dhansiri riverside, where the nostalgic Shalik
looks back with dark eyes,
you may yearn for a return to the place
that you have searched for, with a life.

If you come back, tiptoeing, unassumingly as a stranger,
that you have always been,
Poet, you may see,
they still remember a woman by her hair,
they still love each other by eyes.

Natore is still the new bride you had seen.
The ghaats and the owls and the boats and the crows hear
the steps that had brought rains once.

Banalata waits to be loved again.

- Soumya :)

Jibanananda Dash will be very special to me for more reasons than one. He was the only one who could have his own route despite being somewhat contemporary to Tagore, for being the lonely poet he has been, for being reckless, ahead of time, tremendously passionate and same way poor. For he never had happiness but the yearning to find peace, in rural bengal, in insignificant things.

Dhansiri - a small river. Shalik - a bird, Banalata - Dash's love interest in literature, Natore - a small small place in Bengal.


Lives of Others

>> Mar 10, 2011

Summer night. The footpath lies in an awkward posture and keeps conscious like a newly married bride rehearsing her dresses, but casually. Upon it, like many layers of a metaphor, are shoes. Shoes of people who are walking with a purpose or not. There are no last lines of philosophies. Its only a disciplined rows of bricks pitifully cemented with each other without a choice. You never knew if they could fit, but none cared. A lot of lives walk on them.

There is a black spider that weaves its web meticulously on the street lamp that won't glow again. That is convenience. The concentration on the spider's eyes is something to learn, to envy, to fear. We have some in our heads. They create webs when the purple shades of understanding meet the green compromises. Chemists say its dangerous in normal temperature. We still mix, being proud, each. They explode and/or they are called love.

The ferry driver is a lonely soul to his last trip. The deep dark river holds beyond the emotions he can fathom. And there are a few reluctant people on the boat who avoid the river, the present, as they would, their dark and questioned past. Everyone wants a closure then. Hurried smiles exchanged, the ferry is run, as fast. The driver only knows he has to come back alone. He fears the dark. It has the memories of strangers.

Three dots, incoherent. They celebrate life by seeing others', by living the shares. Sometimes, while walking up the sea shore when you see snails and the transparent water that washes your feet, a thought ponders, you are but a part of the lives summed up,

just a part but an important part of lives of others.




>> Mar 2, 2011

There is an uneven shyness in unknown stations. You can relate to your deepest emotions with them. They are hesitant, withstanding the obvious and still oblivious of definiteness. Trains come, the starving lights blink at an uneasy corner. An old station master comes out from the dark and waves with a green flag. It's almost as not required as the train's presence there. But still they meet. Two inconspicuous characters breathe life, only then in the whole day.

Traveling is beautiful, Journey is more wise. There is an independence in being a traveller. Self imposed duties come when you are doing the latter. There will be expectations of better places. The former is more bohemian of sorts. Its like the essence of love without the sense of future responsibilities. Traditionalists may curse.

Riding a train at night is unassuming and so absurdly romantic. You look out of the window and there is nothing visible. Still there is a strange attraction as the moon sneaks out of the cloud sometimes and gives you a peek to the root that lies like a snake and reaches the heart of the village. Or atleast you can not see where it ends. Anything incomprehensible to us, is either interesting or curious in itself. You will see stranger stations with abstract names fast approaching and departing. They are less casual than the unknown stations where trains stop. There is a surety and nonchalance in them. Life doesn't stop there. You feel sad, a little.

At dawn, when the Sun rises, there is an undoing in a traveller's eyes of yesterday's sleep. The miles that you have crossed, you discard. The moments you have seen the lost roads in faraway villages, you remember. And as the train shouts and runs towards the young Sun, you fall in love with your life for the first time. If it rains, stretch your arms and feel the rains as you meet new members of the clouds' descendants each moment.

Someone said, she could marry a station. I dream, one day I will wake up inside a train and there will be no tracks.



The Hungry Tide

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