Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya

Melting into Hers

>> Dec 25, 2007

Do I owe life something
For that day,
Cladded in rain me watched
You dance
and smelt the air,
As if an elixir enthused nature.

Your subtle nod was enough
to catch me into shivers
and engage me in the
moment of reckoning.
A kiss hung in the air,
And it was so obvious for us
That we didnt realise
Untill they met.

As I held you
In pride of togetherness
and in the oath of love,
the moment,the rain and the horizon
all melted into us,
and we into each other.


you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you
don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have.
Sir James M. Barrie

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Quadruples of Quatrains

>> Dec 20, 2007


And I thought love actually exists,
Untill I saw the paranoia
Cripping up to the face of trust
Breaching the sensual history ,then and there.


The young poet tried to renew
An old verse of simple feelings
And got caught amidst nothingness
That seemed too meaningful,by then.


Paraplegic he became
When his beliefs and ideologies
Proved scathed and unworthy
In the world of so called normal beings.


To enlighten himself with that extra bit
He actually bridged the gap of
Simplicity and assumptions
To let his thoughts run freely,anywhere.


random scribblings...Though Quatrains are actually four lined poems
with rhymes,I have not maintained that part.Please do consider my
ammateurish concept.

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Triplets-To the women

>> Nov 28, 2007

A Mermaid

A leaf
luscious green
To empower nature.
To beautify.
Always exuberant
at the slightest breeze.
Expectant of the spring
to be more youthful.
And a promise,
Not to let autumn
claim her feebly!

Then Marriage

A bond--So strong.
Two palms spread--Two on them.
Words uttered--comforting silence.
To live,
To care,
To share--Together.
A promise for
being forever--to each other.
Till death And perhaps beyond.

Comes Motherhood

A touch,
A feel
to the womb.
And the baby is born.
To grow up with him
For him.
To ensure,
To enact
As a guide,as a friend,
And as a Mother.
Then when death comes,
Live inside



A triplet to the Women.Just an honest and spontaneous effort.Dont know how it will go.


Be to her virtues very kind,
Be to her faults a little blind.
~Matthew Prior

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>> Nov 22, 2007

Why do pains creep up
Time and time again?

When my ever so convinced mind
tells me to leave those mundane thoughts,
I am proved wrong,
As life moves on
With careless indifference.
And I laugh,
I smile,
I cry and
I feel the pain.

Pathos dont travel time.
Old,new--they hurt the same.
As the intensity dies down
I assure myself in
The deepest corner of their hide-outs.
Untill one day they bare me
With the sharp claws
and the glittering knives.

And i stand amazed and assured
They would not come back again.

In the Lifeful of happiness
and the glycerine of hopes
I actually wait for the
Pain to resurface and
Pathos to recycle.

Then I wish
One day, I would make it


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>> Nov 12, 2007

That evening
I was taking classes
With my usual red badge
Pinned to my conscience.

Red badge,Red vision
Red hopes--
To which I am ever so
Committed !

And I asked my fellow students
"Give me the antonyms please"



I rose up.

And this followed


I grew restless

--"Nandigram! Sir"

My red blood boiled up.
I got red
In anger
In desperation.

I screamed,
"Silence ...Silence please"

A student rose up
"If only we could realise it
A bit earlier Sir"

I sat bewildered
As my blood oozed out
Blue in colour.



had to come up with a strange one..In west bengal its a terrible
situation..We really can not sit back and watch the death of democracy
and I am quite ashamed to proclaim that.

I am not politicially biased..But even being apolitical I protest]

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Proof Sheet

One year back
It was for the first time.
You questioned me of
My commitment.
I brought you proofs
to deny you and save 'us'.

What you didnt know was
I had to fight a fever
the night after.

One month back
You accused me of
My loyality.
And I again searched for proofs
To show the truth and save 'us'.

What you didnt know was
I failed in an exam
the day after

Among your millions of allegations
Against me
And my will to hold
on to 'us'
I realised I had become a proof sheet.

When one day back,
You loathed me for
My inabilities
I ran for nothing,

What you didnt know was
We were never together.

I denied you to save
'Me and my love'.

- - - -

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”

Walter Anderson


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Love and Us

>> Oct 31, 2007

I was that madman
Running through the desert
And you brought me
An Oasis.

I was that jittery soul
for a touch of compassion
And you brought me
Shelter of Love.

I remember me being ill
And you nursed me,
took care of me
You brought me into--

I remember you crying
Watching Notting Hill...
And I learned to stretch
My hand of assurance.
As you smiled
With eyes filled up.

Know not why you had to
Live so short,
Leave so early.

But honey
I don't miss you.
I am not mad
I dont feel jittery
I dont foresee pain.

Whenever I breathe
and feel
I find,

Me in you
You in me
Love and Us.


[Had to come up with a college boyish one..Was engorssed under Spirrituality for long! hehe]

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Whirlwind of Time

>> Oct 23, 2007

Why is it so
That some emotions
blur away with time.

And why don't some?

May be amongst
the Millions of inequalities
In life,
Called life,
We change
with a permanancy.

That is why
our hope floats and sinks
Our emotions rise and falter
and our feelings grow --

Is this why yesterdays
and tomorrows
remain intangible?

As we breathe


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>> Oct 21, 2007

There She was.

While the whole world
Was watching
and worshipping
and praying
for their bit of sanity,
for the success
rekindling the old passion
rejoicing the good memories...
before the Devi,

she was
On the other side,
Feeding her baby
On the footpath,
Under the
blazing rays of hallogen
a deep shade of poverty
overcast the scene.

Out She came,
From the pandal
Where thousands wished
and prayed
and hoped that
She was here only.
And She,with all her Power
and Kindness
Killed the Mahisashur
Within us
Who mocked her for her poverty
Who eyed on her uncovered places
and who wanted to throw her out

She saw them all
and gave the poor soul -strength.

We prayed and prayed
without knowing
the Monster within
Mocked and
Eyed and

For She had killed the greedy us
even before our wishes were born!

[In hindu mythology The goddess Durga killed the monster Mahisashur in order to bring in peace,calm and love to this world.

this is a real take on festivals we actually overlook....and so here it
is..another meaningless scribble..hope the essence is caught
right...please do consider the 'she' and the 'She'..and forgive me for
a hurried and not so neat write]


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Adonis Inside

Would you be so partial
As in to claim your own life
in fear of being perpetual ?

Would you be so selfish
So as to keep life insoluble
Being a solvent yourself?

Would you call it an impunity
As your feelings and optimism
Show us an image grotesque?

Wouldn't sharing what you have
Mean more than
What you can hide !!

And again,
How can you ?

With its poignant tale of grievance
would illuminate
your bare weaknesses.

So before this pinion of
Your rebirth leads to nemesis,
Let the reincarnation usher in
A harmonious and kind Adonis
Who will not let The Sculptor
To rob him off the manhood
in hope of a new begining
a new life
and to come back again.

Let us not kill the Adonis inside
Let us teach Him to live for all.



I hate this part but I
feel in this case i should enlighten readers a bit.Adonis is a well
known character from Greek mythology in which from the birth till the
very end he had been a controversial character and his name always
attached to love lust and passion.Adonis,disputedly,the most beautiful
man to have lived in the earth was said to be of immense talent but he
actually spent most of his lifetime with women.His sculptures are well
known but one thing that must strike a viewer is the way his male organ
is smaller than his whole body structure.As if to mean,noone can be a
perfect example of perfection !
To add more to this,the Son of
Adonis and Aphrodite,Priapus,the god of fertility,did not have a good
look but had a disproportionately large male organ as if to mock Adonis
of it!


interpretation is rather dealt with psychological one.Everyone has been
given a pure heart and mind comparable to the beautiful gothic
structure of Adonis.As he has been given a chance to come to earth and
live with it being a human,he must not waste it by being absorbed in
self centred world and works.So that History and the Sculptor(referred
to Time)dont get a chance to leave a mark of mockery on him.
You are given a good heart.Share it with all.And use it for good.

[I apologise for any factual and conceptual error.Its totally unintentional from my part]

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Untitled Instead

>> Oct 1, 2007

I know not when
The waves rushed in
To wet my feet;
And the sand grains
orphaned again,

Chose obscurity

I looked up
And it was full moon.
I sat speechless
As words felt to
Voice their part...,

And i chose sea to roar

Millions of emotions
Evolving with my moist past
Tears had come up
to flood my eye,

But I chose not to shed them

If I had been a man
to live upto...

If I had been a person
to face the mirror...

If I was honest
to my emotions...

Questions came
And answers waited
To an excuse to escape.
But i chose silence

For it was to come another day
And I chose Life


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Drama : A poet’s play

>> Sep 8, 2007

MAN: Pretence—What else is it?
Dear poet, you tell me,
Your fames, your glory
All a sheer pretence.

[And I sat numb, bewildered
As the young procrastinator went on
With his flurry of grievances ]

MAN: You built characters after characters
Sorrows, pains, love and life.
Did you ever value them!
On the icicle of human emotions
You had built your fragile monument
Wordy and worldly.
Tell me Monsieur
Didn’t you have the fear of
Crumbling unto dust ?

POET: Err…Look son…

[And He was Kept shut
As the silence prevailed
With a quarrelling supremacy
And awkward dearth of explanation.
And the wise old man reddened
A bit.]

MAN: How do you word in a
Bereaved mother’s true emotion?
Or a lover’s inspiration
May b even a sadist’s pessimism?
How can you even explain?
the inexplicable?

[And the poet shrinks.
Heads down,
Lips wet,
Perplexed, ashamed.
As he can not hear any more
And with mist in his eyes
The man becomes
A distant object
Far away…

And the old man rises from his seat]

POET:What if I soak my paper today
With irrational tears
And true feelings
For the first time.
And hurt myself deeply,
Slit my wrist.
If blood oozes out
To colour my pen
Then only it is the poetry
I wanted to Create
Rather than these.
The poetry which did justice to
Human emotions and pain
In the rightmost way.

[The poet continues…
Now kneeling down
As the man is traced nowhere
But a distant light]

POET: Oh! dear God,
Solace me to
Pen the silence
With no more words..
Amen! Amen! Amen.

[And we see the curtain drops
As the real progress starts only there after..]



[The stage is yours now...]


Where Dreams Dont Dare...

>> Sep 3, 2007

An August summer night
Intense sleep it was..
My pet,my loyal friend
Got a dreadful death
and I couldn't do anything
for i was sleeping.

On that wintry night
I was fast asleep.
And my love with all her ideologies
compromised herself to someone else.
I blamed myself.

It turned out to be the same
One by one.
As fate played a hide-n-seek
and alwayz caught me unaware,

So i decided against...
and insomniac i became.
for i didn't want to lose anymore,
I challenged my odds
to even them infront of me.
And coward they were
just left.

Weeks after weeks
Months after months
I sat still.
I laid awake
To win the battle against
my weaker moments
and wrong timings.
But did I know
Life had played smart..
In my obsession of winning
against the fateful,
I had gone too far
where even dreams don't dare.

And i finally i slept.
for once and for all.

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And I saw her.
With rain at her footsteps
and drizzle accompanying,
She came.
Did I feel nervous?
I did.

She stopped under the window
and waited
for the windchime to sing.
Treaded by the moody wind
and cool breeze
It went on playing
With a rhythmic continuity
and an ethereal tone.

I stood there.
Seeing her dance
watching her play
with giggles,music and rain.

And suddenly it happened.
As she looked up to see me
She ran..
Away,far away.

Today is the same day.
As if to recreate memories
of sweet consequences
Wouldn't she come!

I sensed she was near
and wished if i could melt.
Absorbed me tickled the chime.
The magic started all over again
till the far away girl
yearner for it to come clear
and then only
the autumn breeze


Yet again...


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One black coffee

>> Aug 28, 2007

One black coffee
and I made love to her.
Wasn't it the most obvious thing?

Leave apart the morbid thoughts,
Those unscrupulous questions.
She was married
and more importantly to someone else.
So how could I?

That was a rainy dark night.
Chatting over a cup of coffee
Didnt know when the sugar cubes melted.
As it was fuming
we waited for it to calm down
It didn't.
Should we have waited?
Perhaps yes..may be.
but it was strong enough.
Caffeine took us over
As we indulged into the sip
then one more
and then till the end.

Must i ask you Mr.
Can you control your emotion
err passion at that time?
Or is it unruly of me
to ask about the naked truth
In the so called DIGNIFIED poets' world?

Why am I being accused?
DO i have to cope up
to the hipocricy of the society
and bury my feelings !


Accuse me if you want
Loathe me if you wish.
But i ask you now
Hadn't you offered the lady
one black coffee
if you were me..??!!

[P.S.-Characters,Ideas and Events purely fictitious ]



Thoughts Infinite...

>> Aug 4, 2007

Random thoughts
Waving back and forth
like an uncanny turmoil..

I start off a new day
I rise.
I speak.
I walk.
and I work.
My mind
does accordingly.

I wander.
And i wonder too.
As my emotions
Where my motion had left..

Little do i show outside
Little can i conceal inside.
Its pure.
Its absolute.
Its clear.
And its not

I rest my body.
I rest my soul.
My thoughts
roam around.
Endless seas of emotions
and lands of events.
As they
delve deep
and rise at the surface...
A definiteness
which I'm proud
and sometimes
I despise of.

I wait for it to slow down
It doesn't
I know it will not.
I have to live with this.
Everyone does
I suppose.

I realise
I am a thinker first
A poet later.



Lost and Found...

>> Jul 9, 2007

It was not a significant stroll afterall
thru da lanes of my own mind.
unexpectedly enough it was so dark
that it was rather a search
than a walk.

i decidedly went to every corner...
one by one...once and for all.
some were disgusted with my treatment
some hiding some rotten past
some hopeful for a bright future
and da rest not knowing what to do!

i waved at dem all ...
some smiled back
some barked at
and some remained numb

I was already feeling out of place
Is this my mind??i live by it!
I asked myself
and walked on..hapazardly
further down da road
caught up wid an old friend..
uncosciously enough i asked him
"hey i know you...
We used to be together!!
isnt it?"
He smiled back feebly..
reminded me of da past...
i got shaken...felt ashamed..
wid an unassuming expression
in a semi dark street of my own persona
I regretfully but wid a bright face told him
"Welcome back conscience
Lost and found wid pride"

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Rain Scribbles Here

just a scribble...woke up and saw its raining..jst putting down my thoughts here now....

Drops of rain
Ethereal it is
Wid a melancholic sadness
and the voice of nature
as orchestra plays in
unmatched rhythm
and with unfathomable continuity...
my mind surrenders
to the heavenly imagery
coming from oblivious doorway...
that of His..


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What should i do in this surreal world!
Why should I be here?
Where the ever encroaching realistic persona
Scratches the unscathed idealism.
Should I laugh at the ignorance of brain who
helplessly looks up to the relinquished heart?
Or should i not blame Judas
Just because he didnt hold a knife!
Should i ask life why love is so divine
That can not materialize often enough..
Or should i just breathe down
my perplexed thoughts
and gulp them down
with a glass of confused water
To wait for the rememberance of the
fragile consciousness
that ressurects itself only when i try to say
"Adios!! Adios!! Adios to life!!"


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>> May 21, 2007

Its not the first time i have tried something negative...but This poem of mine is different coz its sick n negative..portraying the mind of a loner...a psycho loner...hope u people find it worth reading!


The beast in me was starved.
For it was nicety that had prevailed-
Over my appearance,over my soul!
The good in me,however insignificant
Gestured towards only the superiority of life.
Cocooned me into a shell of generosity
Where everyone was given utmost care,
The respect they deserved.
But the world,treachorous it was,
Nailed my sentiments to suffocating death breath.
The word 'love' betrayed.
'Friend' proved to be a facrcical statement.
And as i stumbled along,still optimistic...
The hypocrites turned their heads.
So the beast in me awoke.
My mind,replenished with hatred
Stood still,..waiting for revenge.
As it has just started
The beast,the ominous face of mine
Will get each betrayer assasinated,
Each head turner into a rotted corpse
And love,-into an undiluted venom.
FOr its just started...dear readers
we will have to part our ways.
As the beast in me works in silence.


A Mirror In That Room

As life was marching on,unperturbed
I had forgot about that room.
That very room where i didn't dare to go.
Where some of my preconceived notion,
some not-so-happy facts were kept-
rather locked.
Never i was an explorer.
So in my happy feet of life,
which atleast i had thought to be so
Didnt try to look at the closed door.
But as life went on, sailing,
sometimes too fast
One day I had to find a mirror.
Pity!there was none in my house.
I soliloquized,may be in that room?!
I freed myself of an age old fear.
Surprised me saw the past didnt haunt!
The present sat quiet.
I went to the mirror.
After so many days,I looked at myself.
Wasn't it too dark!
I opened up the window.
I needed the room to clear up.
As the light took possession of every inch
The darkness expressed a sigh of relief
I looked at myself,--
realized it was not the place
it was only me whom i was running from.
"Let there be light,Forever"-echoed the room!


A Night To Mourn

>> Mar 20, 2007

For she was so frail
Could have she
Or should hv she
Shorten the span of the night.
Outside the semi dark room
Where the gloomy sky,
Pitch dark in acquintance
Was measuring the uncertainity of time.
And inside the room
the lady,-the frail,pale lady
uncertain of her own status,--
married or widow!
only fate will decide thee-she thought.
some more time,some more.
when the ray of hope
will light up the night sky,
outcasting the spell of horror.
But can he breathe upto the end?
She thought
nearing his heart, her eager senses.
Yes its still beeping,she assured herself.
It was too strenuous a night.
Poor she,couldn't see the night off,awake.
A sudden blow of wind made her shiver
She got awakened,
alert by some unnatural presence.
Astouned she saw the lamp blowing out..
She jumped,held her hands to protect thou.
But the flames,treachorous it was
extinguished itself in a sinful manner.
As the first colour painted the far away horizon
She got near to her husband
Is it stil beeping !?
She couldn't assure herself this time.
Leaving the gloomy sky gloomier
a mournful cry sobbed in pain n bitterness
expanded synonomously with the first light of a new day.



>> Feb 23, 2007

Came to the artist's place
pictures all except one visible
the place had an uncanny piousness
though the lights quite feeble.

Beautiful the paintings were
Mysterious the place
Creations were well adorned
creator nowhere to trace.

I went close to one
to see a waterfall.
Couldn't I hear da roar of water!
realised that the natured stood tall.

There was one wid nude
man & woman in skectch.
where nudity expressed grace
and elegance not so far fetched.

I got mesmerised
as i saw the lightning sky.
Didn't that depict power
the rule nature abides by.

the picture of a monk
enodowed with spirituality.
Thought well furnished
with a sense of awkward sensuality.

Finding the right path
i progressed toward another.
Where the face bore hundreds of emotions
One playing the other.

I got astonished,
sense of superior persona engulfed me
Suddenly the place got dark
And i waited for thee.

The one blank canvas
was glowing with an word now.
"SOHANG"-was it with,
as I knelt before Thou.

this poem pretty simply depicts the nature & da God canvas..where da nature is seen as frame to frame in a painter's eyes.

The word "SOHANG" is a sanskrit word.and it means -I AM THE ONE.


My Grandma Says....Rubbish.

>> Jan 24, 2007

dis poem is actually to wake those ppl up who feel they wl b spoon fed..and when the time comes for action they realise dey hv been too late to do anything with their lives n find excuses of fate instead...its 4m a very dull person's point of u can see the language used in dis poem is not dat rich but rather amusing....

My grandma says,--
When the Sun was young
And the mind strong
Never did i get out
to see the sunshine on my head
Chose to remain oblivious instead.

My grandma says,--
When the night was deep
And had needed a sleep
never did i get out
to see the starry sky.
Didn't see the moon,bright but shy.

My grandma is very talkative
she also says,--
When it had rained
And i was home,never drenched.
Never did i get out
To feel the raindrops in my hands
The murmur of leaves,
which i tried not to understand.

SO one day i got out and looked straight.
Though My grandma said it was too late.
The sun didnt shine.
The moon didnt soothe.
The sky didnt shower.
I got surprised,i asked to forgive.
still happened nothing
i came home and never ever got out
for i felt i was decieved.


The Hungry Tide

Inspirations Continue...

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