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>> Sep 3, 2007

An August summer night
Intense sleep it was..
My pet,my loyal friend
Got a dreadful death
and I couldn't do anything
for i was sleeping.

On that wintry night
I was fast asleep.
And my love with all her ideologies
compromised herself to someone else.
I blamed myself.

It turned out to be the same
One by one.
As fate played a hide-n-seek
and alwayz caught me unaware,

So i decided against...
and insomniac i became.
for i didn't want to lose anymore,
I challenged my odds
to even them infront of me.
And coward they were
just left.

Weeks after weeks
Months after months
I sat still.
I laid awake
To win the battle against
my weaker moments
and wrong timings.
But did I know
Life had played smart..
In my obsession of winning
against the fateful,
I had gone too far
where even dreams don't dare.

And i finally i slept.
for once and for all.

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