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>> Aug 21, 2006

Put out the light.
I am blind,blind to the world.
Sunrise and sunset
the words are only different.
I dont know what colours are.
i even wonder what black is.
I see vacuum,I see blank-
actually,i see...nothing.
May be I am blessed.
I dont see people cry.
I don't see them die.
Ican't see innocents getting molested.
Rape a girl and i can't see that too.
They are all events,described ones.
Let them be like that,I pray.
I am blessed.
but i have felt how love fail
I know how relationship goes fake
even can i realise how friends betray.
I am blind,so be it.
You are not,I beg u
Put on the light.



Turn me down not
for I will be there all the time
Waiting for you,for that one fine moment.
When you will look around
Your eyes,searching a trace of my heart.

Turn me down not
for i will be there when you're alone.
Alone,with a pleading mind.
ressurected from the thrash of a heartbreak.
You will ask for something,only to realise
I'm standing with more than myself to give to u.

Turn me down not
when i wl b there at ur doorstep.
willing to show you the night sky.
where thousands of stars will lit our footsteps.
and none of us would say a word.

Turn me down not
for i will hold ur hand one day.
My feet will protest and my heart will race
My lips can get stuck still i would manage
"Can we.....??"
Please turn me down not then.



>> Aug 6, 2006

It is raining the whole day.
The boy,standing beside da window
A vacant look,pale face of his.
I dont dare to xplore his mind.
His best friend has died last nite.
I shivered.
Why does lyf become so rude to us!
Best friend,-part of our soul.
I could see my good old dayz.
The togetherness we enjoyed,
the times we had let off,unnoticed.
feelings we shared...
unuttered words,unspoken dreams--
We didn't ever had to share verbally.
In dose good times
HE was there with others..enjoying,smiling
In my bad times
He was there,alone,still trying to smile.
His presence gave me confidence
Mine gave him warmth.
How is it lose such a friend!
I looked up,straight to the boy's face.
Tears were coming down from eyes.
Raindrops,tear--they all were mixing up.
I held a paper high above my head.
Nature's sympathy and heart's latency soaked up.
A piece of imagination was wriiten wid invisible ink.
A poem of love,life and dreams-all lost forever.
I started walking down da road
Behind rain and emotions were pouring in,-


Mother,i want to be home

>> Aug 5, 2006

I remember the days
drenched in sweat and mud
i used to scream "mother,I am home."
those were the moments;
innocent screams,however louder they were
had an intimacy of their own.

I stil remember the days
jostling and fighting in da field
we used to behave like enemies
those were the moments
childish pranks,however violent were they
had a softness of their own.

My memory still flashes wid dose
when it was the first spring,
i fell in luv,i really did
those were the moments
true love,however immaturish it was
had a purity of its own.

today,i stand over money summed up.
today,i ask for watever i want to.
today,i buy fame and glory wid time.

still when i am alone,
i remember those days.
i tried and i failed; i realised
money can't buy true love that i lost.
I wanted but i learnt today
money brought wid it loneliness i asked unwantedly.

Today i am alone.
i try to recall my childhood
dose innocent dream,dose natural sentiments...
i know not when did i cry last
but i feel like today...
i cry silently,i cry impatiently;
i scream wid a voice unheard
"Mother,i want to be home,...... again"



DIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME credit goes to tania mukherjee too ....still i wld like to share dis poem in my blog as i hv written last half...

an autumn boulevard lined with golden trees-
from where golden leaves fall,
the blue,cotton streaked sky,a naughty breeze;
i walk till i encounter a wall.
on the wall sits an apostle-
an apostle of friendship,warmth,love-
amidst the busyness of the world;the hustle n bustle-
manifestation of serenity,peaceful as a dove.
i stand beneath nature's warmth,da mother's arm
where tenderness embraces heart and soul.
every prayer is answered wid a softness of its own
And da almighty looks after as nothing goes foul.
the golden leaves wave a new meaning as i walk
along the wall that is there
wealth comes up wid a definition in my mind
as feelings share and emotions care.
A realisation dawns upon as i grow expectant
and set my mundane desires run free
I kneel down wid my eyes sobbed and ashamed
gradually surrender my greedy heart to Thee.


The Hungry Tide

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