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Love and Us

>> Oct 31, 2007

I was that madman
Running through the desert
And you brought me
An Oasis.

I was that jittery soul
for a touch of compassion
And you brought me
Shelter of Love.

I remember me being ill
And you nursed me,
took care of me
You brought me into--

I remember you crying
Watching Notting Hill...
And I learned to stretch
My hand of assurance.
As you smiled
With eyes filled up.

Know not why you had to
Live so short,
Leave so early.

But honey
I don't miss you.
I am not mad
I dont feel jittery
I dont foresee pain.

Whenever I breathe
and feel
I find,

Me in you
You in me
Love and Us.


[Had to come up with a college boyish one..Was engorssed under Spirrituality for long! hehe]

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Whirlwind of Time

>> Oct 23, 2007

Why is it so
That some emotions
blur away with time.

And why don't some?

May be amongst
the Millions of inequalities
In life,
Called life,
We change
with a permanancy.

That is why
our hope floats and sinks
Our emotions rise and falter
and our feelings grow --

Is this why yesterdays
and tomorrows
remain intangible?

As we breathe


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>> Oct 21, 2007

There She was.

While the whole world
Was watching
and worshipping
and praying
for their bit of sanity,
for the success
rekindling the old passion
rejoicing the good memories...
before the Devi,

she was
On the other side,
Feeding her baby
On the footpath,
Under the
blazing rays of hallogen
a deep shade of poverty
overcast the scene.

Out She came,
From the pandal
Where thousands wished
and prayed
and hoped that
She was here only.
And She,with all her Power
and Kindness
Killed the Mahisashur
Within us
Who mocked her for her poverty
Who eyed on her uncovered places
and who wanted to throw her out

She saw them all
and gave the poor soul -strength.

We prayed and prayed
without knowing
the Monster within
Mocked and
Eyed and

For She had killed the greedy us
even before our wishes were born!

[In hindu mythology The goddess Durga killed the monster Mahisashur in order to bring in peace,calm and love to this world.

this is a real take on festivals we actually overlook....and so here it
is..another meaningless scribble..hope the essence is caught
right...please do consider the 'she' and the 'She'..and forgive me for
a hurried and not so neat write]


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Adonis Inside

Would you be so partial
As in to claim your own life
in fear of being perpetual ?

Would you be so selfish
So as to keep life insoluble
Being a solvent yourself?

Would you call it an impunity
As your feelings and optimism
Show us an image grotesque?

Wouldn't sharing what you have
Mean more than
What you can hide !!

And again,
How can you ?

With its poignant tale of grievance
would illuminate
your bare weaknesses.

So before this pinion of
Your rebirth leads to nemesis,
Let the reincarnation usher in
A harmonious and kind Adonis
Who will not let The Sculptor
To rob him off the manhood
in hope of a new begining
a new life
and to come back again.

Let us not kill the Adonis inside
Let us teach Him to live for all.



I hate this part but I
feel in this case i should enlighten readers a bit.Adonis is a well
known character from Greek mythology in which from the birth till the
very end he had been a controversial character and his name always
attached to love lust and passion.Adonis,disputedly,the most beautiful
man to have lived in the earth was said to be of immense talent but he
actually spent most of his lifetime with women.His sculptures are well
known but one thing that must strike a viewer is the way his male organ
is smaller than his whole body structure.As if to mean,noone can be a
perfect example of perfection !
To add more to this,the Son of
Adonis and Aphrodite,Priapus,the god of fertility,did not have a good
look but had a disproportionately large male organ as if to mock Adonis
of it!


interpretation is rather dealt with psychological one.Everyone has been
given a pure heart and mind comparable to the beautiful gothic
structure of Adonis.As he has been given a chance to come to earth and
live with it being a human,he must not waste it by being absorbed in
self centred world and works.So that History and the Sculptor(referred
to Time)dont get a chance to leave a mark of mockery on him.
You are given a good heart.Share it with all.And use it for good.

[I apologise for any factual and conceptual error.Its totally unintentional from my part]

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Untitled Instead

>> Oct 1, 2007

I know not when
The waves rushed in
To wet my feet;
And the sand grains
orphaned again,

Chose obscurity

I looked up
And it was full moon.
I sat speechless
As words felt to
Voice their part...,

And i chose sea to roar

Millions of emotions
Evolving with my moist past
Tears had come up
to flood my eye,

But I chose not to shed them

If I had been a man
to live upto...

If I had been a person
to face the mirror...

If I was honest
to my emotions...

Questions came
And answers waited
To an excuse to escape.
But i chose silence

For it was to come another day
And I chose Life


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The Hungry Tide

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