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Lost and Found...

>> Jul 9, 2007

It was not a significant stroll afterall
thru da lanes of my own mind.
unexpectedly enough it was so dark
that it was rather a search
than a walk.

i decidedly went to every corner...
one by one...once and for all.
some were disgusted with my treatment
some hiding some rotten past
some hopeful for a bright future
and da rest not knowing what to do!

i waved at dem all ...
some smiled back
some barked at
and some remained numb

I was already feeling out of place
Is this my mind??i live by it!
I asked myself
and walked on..hapazardly
further down da road
caught up wid an old friend..
uncosciously enough i asked him
"hey i know you...
We used to be together!!
isnt it?"
He smiled back feebly..
reminded me of da past...
i got shaken...felt ashamed..
wid an unassuming expression
in a semi dark street of my own persona
I regretfully but wid a bright face told him
"Welcome back conscience
Lost and found wid pride"

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Rain Scribbles Here

just a scribble...woke up and saw its raining..jst putting down my thoughts here now....

Drops of rain
Ethereal it is
Wid a melancholic sadness
and the voice of nature
as orchestra plays in
unmatched rhythm
and with unfathomable continuity...
my mind surrenders
to the heavenly imagery
coming from oblivious doorway...
that of His..


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What should i do in this surreal world!
Why should I be here?
Where the ever encroaching realistic persona
Scratches the unscathed idealism.
Should I laugh at the ignorance of brain who
helplessly looks up to the relinquished heart?
Or should i not blame Judas
Just because he didnt hold a knife!
Should i ask life why love is so divine
That can not materialize often enough..
Or should i just breathe down
my perplexed thoughts
and gulp them down
with a glass of confused water
To wait for the rememberance of the
fragile consciousness
that ressurects itself only when i try to say
"Adios!! Adios!! Adios to life!!"


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The Hungry Tide

Inspirations Continue...

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