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Road to sweetnothings

>> Mar 23, 2012

I want to build a dream.

A dream where you smile.
Moon and the sea can wait,
so may the flowers.

There are snowflakes of sweet-littles,
a cyclone of swings,
Crests and troughs many
and colors all in pastel boxes.

There are golden sands and
milkish hills
and happy, aspiring grasses.

You can be a boatman on a dried river,
a grasshopper in a desert,
a lovebird in turbulent time or
silken rush on brick red earth.

You care the other side, as you say.

Traveling though uncountable storms,
and floods and nightmares and strangers
when you sleep,
Let me play a dream for you.

A dream where you can sleep.



The Hungry Tide

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