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>> Nov 22, 2008

Purposeless is the soul
That lives for his,
And is owned by others.

To share a word
Through love or award
Transgresses the barriers
And shows us the world that
breathes together.

A bond that frees us more
Binds us less
and respects
Till infinity tires and rest.


[p.s.- The award logo (butterfly award) is generously passed on to me by Usha ma'am and Sashu, two amongst my very few inspirations @ blogging.

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So, as Instructed in the Ways of Award Presentation and Conferring, this is what has to be done, as I understand, from Usha ma'am :)

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>> Nov 7, 2008

Hopes are white
Nights! I know them black.

I met a man the other day
He sees but never observes.
What is the difference between two lives
When at the end you see black
and the other observes death?
Is the pain any less and certain?

I love to see kites flying
Do they mean independence?
You fly high with your greed strung...
A rooted flight,
How much can you pay for such freedom?

I know I talk gibberish,
I have grown old now.
I see white and black
In stripes of unknown dimensions.

But you?

You have an irreparable wound of shallowness.
I see your blood and that is not blue
Will it ever coagulate? You fear, I laugh.

You can never know how porous you are;
I know.
I saw your soul walking down the street that day.

You were too busy selling your dreams.


[p.s. -> hemostasis is the cessation of blood loss from a damaged vessel. Coagulation is its defense mechanism

docs, pardon me for if I am wrong]


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