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>> Sep 25, 2006

It was raining that night
The night where the sky was black
And I was awake.
Awake for the reason U'd have come
Just to get a glimpse of me.
I couldn't see ur face
But i used to read it,-
the face where feelings used to wave
and expressions deep .
I thought i had found my true love.
on those torn papers u used to throw
I could feel ur presence
I Could feel how much u loved me.
At last someone who had loved my innerself
Not my body,not da trace of flesh and blood.
But i was so wrong.
I had forgot,my wheel chair,-
my steely truth.
I could see ur face that day
when u saw me in that chair.
Compassion had crept in place of love
In ur eyes I could read that naked truth
"Oh my god,This girl is handicapped!"
Suddenly those night visits,those torn love notes
those innocent sentiments were gone.
I felt very ashamed,i felt strange.
Still i sat on that balcony the next night
My weak mind convinced of a glimpse of u
You were not there
It was not raining that night
But i know not why the sky was even darker
I discovered that night
Our love was just as I was
perhaps u too,......DISABLED.

DIS POEM OF MINE IS NOT against dose disabled persons who have lost love...but 4 dose who have left love bcoz dey were mentally handicapped and couldnt accept luv's physical disabled state.



>> Sep 12, 2006

Remember that night,
That very night when we were together
On that garden,beside that big leafy tree.
I could see ur face--vibrant,giggling unbound.
Night sky had light up all the stars
perhaps to see your face.
Never ever had i dreamt of that moment
when my lips-warm and eager
touched yours-shivering,expectant.
Our first kiss--
Can i describe the feelings we had?Never.
your big eyes,i kissed them too.
it was more of an emotional eagerness
Than of a physical need we knew.
I could see your eyes wet
Sometimes tears tell a lot more than smile does.
Those expressive eyes,
I didn't have anything to say.
It meant a lot.
Silently but surely I whispered
I Love u my love.
May be within myself,may be i didn't at all
But words were too blunt to play any part there.
I took you in my arms.
We sank deep into the wavy grasses
and our heads held high to tell the stars
"We will be awake tonight to accompany you."
It was a dream,a dream which came true.
Unknowingly and unwantedly the stars began to fade.
Time for a new day.
Nature was to be blamed.
It was too perfect to be called selfish
or too selfish to be named perfect!
With sleepy eyes I looked at your face.
I had heard people look innocent when they sleep
And your face personified the fact all over.
Last night it was a truth which I had dreamt of
Now its fading off,the whole day is ahead.
It would be a dream which i had wished to be true,forever.


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