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A note to you, dearest

>> Jun 24, 2009

The tender memories have
long been terrified and quiet under
your harsher overtones.

Smiles and giggles have hid under our pillows
that has designer covers with
many a sobs of mine carefully washed.

Artificial smiles, socialites' parties,
a theatrical performance each day,
happy photographs, innocent make ups -
All of them I have obeyed-
dutifully, gracefully, being yours, your own.

And I have seen life change
in the eyes of a pessimistic kaleidoscope
that never had a coloured glass inside.

At night, you crawl
No, NO, you happily trespass
on to the soul you legally claim
and never realize a void that exists between
You and me.

As the darkest of empathies coil up
within me on some nights,
That same vacuum takes shape of a
Unborn child that I have so dearly wished
and you have denied, on timeless times.

Oh, you have taught me to hate myself.

So tonight, before you think
you can choke me to death,
I don't want to read aloud
Yet another average verse
that bleeds and cares not ...

... because I am a woman.

Your serpentine chords of conscience
will never ever reach its roots
Where I am now.

I will sleep in peace, deep.




And I still have the petals
parched inside the pages
that had the scent of your skin.

It dies each day,
so do I...

...from memories to dust.

Tonight I gift you
what love had alloyed but failed.

An iron-y of us.



The way we are...

>> Jun 7, 2009

I have played with life.
Whimsically I found it shaped
sometimes squared, a bit spherical, is it?
Oh no, you see an undefined orbit.

On that squarish route,
My life has been squeezed
to insignificant volumes.
Fame, success, caustic lights-
They allure me in different domains.

I wonder if there is too much of me
in my words or so much of I.
An I for an I-
the world revolves around an ellipse.
Sometimes too close to life
and too far when you wish...

In this pattern which follows disorientation,
Comes the knowledge, hence the realization
and awaits a human in their shadows,
Owning them.

Life, as it is,
wouldn't have ever been the same
if there were definitions of you and me.

So I say, must you agree (?)
we make rooms square
To embrace surety.

...the Earth is round!




>> Jun 6, 2009

Let's meet in our dreams.

Let's hold hands gently
Your palm into mine, delicately ours.
We will traverse the mountains over the clouds
that pour in with fertile rains.

We will walk past the night
till we see the first rays of a crimson Sun.
Purity - oh, how I have longed for you!

Let me recount those empty spaces
before and after __ us __.
I will recite them today, audibly.

We will cross the waves once.
On the sea shore
where our memories lie embraced,
I will take fistful of sands
And never let it out, as if you are there, inside,
Fragmented in completion.

You can talk about a life lost
I will dream within a dream.
Imperfect be our poetry
We can still rhyme in the realm.

Let's not keep our old eyes open dear.
I have heard, tonight
we will love each other anew, in our dreams.



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