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>> Jul 23, 2006

It feels like heaven isn't it.I asked my friend.
From da garbage of concrete to come to a village.
We were on our way along a ground.
As far as the eyes can run,dere is nthng xcpt da ground
the flies,the dew drops,the grass ask our whereabouts.
I feel dey r whispering.
After a lot of dayz it was back to childhood
wid my friend i ran towards the unknown through the ground
we ran,we stopped,we gasped for fresh air.we breathed...
then again ran,ran harder.
it was not any cat n mice run in whc we r often indulged in
it was to feel the divinity,to surrender myslf to da freshness of nature.
suddenly one or two drops...and den rain came pouring in.
life cant b sweeter...we pushed ourself harder..
we got sobbbed..we got drenched
after so many dayz for da 1st time i realised how to love life
exploring da ground was an excuse
may b we were to explore our innerself..
30 years of hardcore reality couldnt do it
but 1 hour of nature's intimacy saw our soul through.
salvation wat else i smiled.
da sky was clearing up wid occassion of flashes.



>> Jul 12, 2006

The path of life has so many turns.
In any of the turns success allures u.
some other way failure frightens.
You get provoked by desires.
love nurtures our emotions.
feelings creep up with all its curiosity
maturity broadenes the point of view.
At the end of it when all expressions go fake
friendship awaits my life at the ultimate corner.
defining a friend seems like the toughest job
still words pile up wid restless intimacy.
mind listens to it with an eagerness of its own
as expressions dominate sentiments and rationality.
A friend with so innocent heart yet so matured thinking
A girl with such a precious smile and amateurish thoughts
I never ever had expected life to find thou heart
Never knew dat friendship will unfold such a lane
where wid all her maturity yet childishness
with emotions cared and feelings shared
this gal would b waiting like a true friend.


An evening of romanticism

>> Jul 8, 2006

It was raining in da evening,light showers.
I was at a music concert,alone.
music my soul searcher and sole companion.
As it started the rhythm,the music itself took me to a differnet place.I had entered the concert not beacuse i wished for but i wanted to hide from solitude.The atmosphere showed me a divine height.A situation so deep in itself that i relaxed.As the artist carried on and on I kept getting buried,-buried under the soil of divinism and romanticism.Solitude was a luxury then that i could have preferred and atmosphere a bliss that I cherished.Sitting on a chair where everythng was dark still enlghtened by music,a place where audience were silent still speaking to their mind, I had a feeling of how small I small are we in front of this greatness.What do we possess!what do we take pride in!!Silence,sudden pause between songs let me sink deeper,realise every word those were taken care of by tunes.
Time passed on,quickly and selfishly.It was then;da curtain started dropping.A function over for everybody.But did I hear it right?Every single note,every tone were still caressing,whispering around the hall.Beyond the a.c. auditorium, materialistic and polluted air awaits its eight victims(i mean da octets).My feet trembled,protested to go outside.I looked around.They were still there.I grabbed them with pleading heart and a refreshed mind.i walked on.It was romanticism afterall.Who said romance has to be with some mortal flesh and blood body?I did it with music.An evening of musical romanticism served me with an inspiration of lifetime,assured me of companionship..An evening of romanticism.



>> Jul 6, 2006

hv tried to share my emotion thru a half poem half essay type piece..its not as artistic or poignant as a poem but its wat i call sharing my feeling in a diffrnt way..hope u all wld like to write sumthng bout dis topic

Today is our school leaving day.
The big gate is just infront.
large gate with iron beams in it.
Beyond the gate a matured future is waiting.
Yes,i am in my school for the very last time.
never did i have a second thought while crossing the gate after leave
but today was different,really different.
Couldn't i see the sparkling tear drops in our teacher's eyes?
Ours were filled up too.
maturity at the cost of innocent times is not worth it.
moments me and my friends spent,cherished for years-
they were coming back as a collage--frame after frame.
it hapenns to evrybody i consoled myself.
but it was not enough.
"its dark outside.what r you doing here.go home"said the gatekeeper.
I shouted,"I know,rain is going to pour in tonight."
my last words fainted with sob mixed with raindrops.



>> Jul 2, 2006

Life was sailing smooth until you came in my life.
How much smoother you can be,i asked life.
The days we first met,how can i forget.
Remember the dayz we were together my love.
My thoughts didn't have any arguments,rationalism.
it was only you who had my thoughts borrowed.
A poet,so I was,and you loved me very much.
So many lines came from my heart and they were true.
You and me and our poems.this was it.
We didn't go for an expensive dinner;
We didn't go for an elusive party.
A poem,a heart's warmth couldn't buy us the luxury.
but last week i went to your house.
your sudden rational mind asked me out politely.
We can love each other but can't go forward.
Because I'm a poet,a poet only with words!!
Words can't assure you a life smooth and happy.
I agreed.
But shouldn't i be given a chance?
My poems inspired by you got betrayed.
Feelings shared and emotions cared-all were lost.
I couldn't convince an already made up mind.
A poet can love,i screamed.
Oh!how can i forget he can only love.


The Hungry Tide

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