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>> Jul 2, 2006

Life was sailing smooth until you came in my life.
How much smoother you can be,i asked life.
The days we first met,how can i forget.
Remember the dayz we were together my love.
My thoughts didn't have any arguments,rationalism.
it was only you who had my thoughts borrowed.
A poet,so I was,and you loved me very much.
So many lines came from my heart and they were true.
You and me and our poems.this was it.
We didn't go for an expensive dinner;
We didn't go for an elusive party.
A poem,a heart's warmth couldn't buy us the luxury.
but last week i went to your house.
your sudden rational mind asked me out politely.
We can love each other but can't go forward.
Because I'm a poet,a poet only with words!!
Words can't assure you a life smooth and happy.
I agreed.
But shouldn't i be given a chance?
My poems inspired by you got betrayed.
Feelings shared and emotions cared-all were lost.
I couldn't convince an already made up mind.
A poet can love,i screamed.
Oh!how can i forget he can only love.

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