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>> Jul 23, 2006

It feels like heaven isn't it.I asked my friend.
From da garbage of concrete to come to a village.
We were on our way along a ground.
As far as the eyes can run,dere is nthng xcpt da ground
the flies,the dew drops,the grass ask our whereabouts.
I feel dey r whispering.
After a lot of dayz it was back to childhood
wid my friend i ran towards the unknown through the ground
we ran,we stopped,we gasped for fresh air.we breathed...
then again ran,ran harder.
it was not any cat n mice run in whc we r often indulged in
it was to feel the divinity,to surrender myslf to da freshness of nature.
suddenly one or two drops...and den rain came pouring in.
life cant b sweeter...we pushed ourself harder..
we got sobbbed..we got drenched
after so many dayz for da 1st time i realised how to love life
exploring da ground was an excuse
may b we were to explore our innerself..
30 years of hardcore reality couldnt do it
but 1 hour of nature's intimacy saw our soul through.
salvation wat else i smiled.
da sky was clearing up wid occassion of flashes.

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