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>> Apr 22, 2008

I sit here to write
An epic of love
But words don't pay heed
To my flowing senses.

But what I write is about you.
Who held the rain
at her footsteps,
Who could love the way
Gothics shy
And who can heal my scars
Like I never had.

And what I write is about me.
Who drenched in the rain
Like the raindrops,
Who was loved the way
He dreamt never.
And who cried in the
happiness beyond.

So if ever the rain stops
I would stand near you.
If ever the scars anew
I would feel your healing touch.
If ever I don't sleep
I would breathe you to sanity.

On that rain soaked sands of
And above the presence of
lonesome moon,

You would murmur the
gentle song
That I would echo in silence.
And would pray,
Somewhere,tiptoeing my wishes
Dreams will rush up
To another moment of
blissful song offerings...


2 well-wishers:

rukhiya April 23, 2008 8:54 AM  

I know this by-heart!:D

Cinderella. April 24, 2008 5:14 AM  

YOu said,

**But words don't pay heed
To my flowing senses.**

But here, your words flow like they know no bar. Never knew.

I hope she reads you, as much as I wish he could write them for me....

But ok, his bathroom singer voice also sounds !

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