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>> Apr 19, 2008

The First Glow..

With misty eyes
I stand by the lonesome me.
At the place
Where our plastic city looks
And I wait an endless wait.
Preparing myself.
Emptied the soul for
Purity .Didn't I ?
Wore the divine bliss
Didn't I ?
And at that fragment
He comes,
Rising , efflorescent with
His natural grace.
And I see the insignificant soul
Getting enlightened.
I gaze along
As he rose
On that sky,
And within me.
As I feel
The arrival of a new dawn.


Dimmed to be Brigher..

On that mundane moment
I couldn't have
Had the courage to leave Thee
If it was not You,
To come again!
And I stood in the vast expanse
Of the Sea shore,
On the sands of time
That had been soaked in waves
Guided by Him.
And I see The Sun on the horizon
Betokening the final gesture
On the azure orange sky.
I run,Parallelly
As if not to let go of
My blessings
For an extra moment.
Then you glimpse from
The twilight.
And rob me of my worldly expectations
Reassuring ...

That I am
Still Yours
As you are

... Let the I become We.


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1 well-wishers:

Soumya April 19, 2008 7:56 AM  

Cinderella said...

"Beautiful effervescent poetry !
I love the way, you pin hopes and heart-breaks two flip sides of a coin.
The subtle way of renditioning your feelings, leave a deep imprint."

[Sorry had accidentally deleted the post.thanks for the comment :)]

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