Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya


>> Feb 23, 2007

Came to the artist's place
pictures all except one visible
the place had an uncanny piousness
though the lights quite feeble.

Beautiful the paintings were
Mysterious the place
Creations were well adorned
creator nowhere to trace.

I went close to one
to see a waterfall.
Couldn't I hear da roar of water!
realised that the natured stood tall.

There was one wid nude
man & woman in skectch.
where nudity expressed grace
and elegance not so far fetched.

I got mesmerised
as i saw the lightning sky.
Didn't that depict power
the rule nature abides by.

the picture of a monk
enodowed with spirituality.
Thought well furnished
with a sense of awkward sensuality.

Finding the right path
i progressed toward another.
Where the face bore hundreds of emotions
One playing the other.

I got astonished,
sense of superior persona engulfed me
Suddenly the place got dark
And i waited for thee.

The one blank canvas
was glowing with an word now.
"SOHANG"-was it with,
as I knelt before Thou.

this poem pretty simply depicts the nature & da God canvas..where da nature is seen as frame to frame in a painter's eyes.

The word "SOHANG" is a sanskrit word.and it means -I AM THE ONE.


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