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>> Dec 28, 2008

They say there are three seasons now.
I differ. I say there is only one, greed.

But we have remained the same.
With ours and with mine
With a mind selfishly claiming 'divine'.

We have blamed and awaited a full moon.
Have feared the scorching Sun,
Back-stabbed the winter with a prayer of spring.

Mocking this obstinacy, it has rained in winters,
Clouds have shaded some summer noons,
Autumn leaves have never denied the gravity.

The rainbow we see bent with stripes across the horizon,
Was straight until you & I realized that the earth is round.



An Imperfect Palindrome

>> Dec 25, 2008

A pen.
A pen and a paper.
A pen and a paper and a plot.
A pen and a paper and a plot and a poet.
A poet and a plot and a paper and a pen.
A poet and a plot and a paper.
A poet and a plot.
A poet.

A perfect palindrome?
Starts and ends in uselessness.




I often stop by the mirror and see
If the diary behind my back overshadows me.

I know its not possible.
Because physics has rules
that sets lights straight.

But in this world of poets and stories
They have a different rule that even they don't know!
I fear,
One day I will not be fast enough
To chase down the words I believe to have caged.

I have seen people who are phobic to noise.
Trust me, it is still better than silence.




6:00 AM - Alarm clock.
8:00 AM - Office calls.
1:00 PM - Lunch break
6:00 PM - Love awaits.
8:00 PM - Love departs.

A routine that we follow is named Love.
Difference? Is of a film to that of a theater.

How 'much' do you want?
One pound of flesh? no more, no less.
Or may be two stanzas full of four lines.

One will say the other betrayed,
The other will protest under another curtain.
If you can not find love
Inside the pauses,
After the lines,
Beyond the adjectives that die down
to yet another punctuation,
you haven't really felt love, have you?

And if you have,
still set the alarm clock to a time convenient,
You will never know
how time runs by and tide awaits
Where love lies dead but still pretends.



The Hungry Tide

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