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>> Sep 28, 2008

Virtues & Vices

Beauty comes with mortality.
It makes me insecure.
Because one night, when I discover
That it has left me alone for winter
How will I answer to my desires?


I often wonder what is more futile?
To let love fall free
When you know of gravity
To wait for it.
What if the same force pulls it down?

Do We...

May some questions never have answers.
Because, you know, I know,
In some cases, we never choose the red.
We avoid the black instead.


Life is never complex.
Only the explorer remains confused.
Because surety is death,
Before that, there is life and Many a tripods


[A pure rambling. Feel free to avoid]



In front of the sea that speaks silence,
You and me stand close, counting the waves
and inscribing the names of ours on the wet sand.

Vulnerability is something that allures one from within
Isn't it ?
That is why we always choose the sea instead.

You wouldn't listen and I wouldn't say,
So the obvious silence mixes with twilights
And flies on with the wet breeze that caresses.

I relive myself with the tides.
They accept the inevitable at the shore,
Still they rise, if for once, they can grow
And never touch the ground, ever again.
"Don't you know they never can ?" you say.
"Then why do you wait by the sea" , I ask.

With yours and mine, our scribbled names,
That never were etched deep within the sand,
My own optimism rushes them to futility--
Another wave and they are gone, abstruse.

What you never know is its not the swells.
Its me who disorients the hyphen in between.
Then I let the waves to flow,

...So that you come and I hope, for that evening
When the hyphen will remain
And the waves will never touch the sands.




>> Sep 7, 2008

Thousand of words like these
I can write for you
Which you won't ever see
Which I will put to flames
and inhale the blue death

Was it too much to ask twice?
You will talk of rough edges
Point out to missing commas , fullstop.
I will nod correcting my emotions
At the cost of them

When can you ever sense
The feeling I have for you
Suffocates and dies under the velvet
That adorns my poesy
But buries my love ,





At times when I can't sleep ,
I look at the snowy hills
That tells me I have a beloved
On the other side , waiting.

When there are no stars
On a dark night sky ,
I paint you with waxed emotions
That melts in my incoherence , abruptly!

They advise me
"Before you die , Cross the mountain once"
When there is full moon , I wish to.

How can I tell them ,
A dream is a dream and only a dream.
To find it is to lose ,
To let you be is to love.



Multitudes of Nowheres

>> Sep 5, 2008

I don't dread your knives
Or your strengths ,
Because your claws are too cowardice
To be shown except between us .

The pool of blood
You can spill
With one stroke of yours
Is the one I would have anyway ,
And have been till now ,
Under the skin.

You never were akin to
My veins to see that ,
Were you?


Labelled with relations
That can convey higher multitudes,
Some creations confuse
The creators , don't they?

If I tell you this story is of
Blood and poisons ,
Of serpents and avenges
would you be careful to consider
A man and a woman ?
A poet and the pen ?
The creator and His Frankenstein?

Can words mislead you to
Multitudes of nowheres?

So how do we trust them then!



The Hungry Tide

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