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Multitudes of Nowheres

>> Sep 5, 2008

I don't dread your knives
Or your strengths ,
Because your claws are too cowardice
To be shown except between us .

The pool of blood
You can spill
With one stroke of yours
Is the one I would have anyway ,
And have been till now ,
Under the skin.

You never were akin to
My veins to see that ,
Were you?


Labelled with relations
That can convey higher multitudes,
Some creations confuse
The creators , don't they?

If I tell you this story is of
Blood and poisons ,
Of serpents and avenges
would you be careful to consider
A man and a woman ?
A poet and the pen ?
The creator and His Frankenstein?

Can words mislead you to
Multitudes of nowheres?

So how do we trust them then!


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Rukhiya September 08, 2008 1:07 AM  

Like I told you, I love this piece, because I see a very different you in a very different hue here. The abstractness, the declarations and the final question! AWESOME!

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