Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya


>> Jan 16, 2006

The time i saw you,did u look at the sky?
it was blue,in its original shade.I never believed in luv at first sight
so i blinked twice,still i luvd u.
th sky was even more bluish that time
my luv was as deep as it could be
as clear as the sky was
remember the dayz when we used to walk holding each othrs' hand?
the sky looked a bit reddish
perhaps ur mind reflected at the large canvus
a bit excited,a lot happy.
things were goin so good i didnt look upto the sky for days
i became partial.
the day when u left the city i looked up again
after so many days it was raining.
it was as disappointed and grey as i was,may b u too.
got ur letter was raining again last night
you're coming back to ur place!!
i went to the roof to tell this to our sky
hah!it already knew that u r home
a rainbow,sky filled with colors,was all i could see.


the night i was murdered

can u see the boy?there,ya there.
leave him.give him a chance to live his life.
they stopped for a moment..looked at me in surprise.
I went on what do u get destroying our families?
tell me why don't u feel the same as if ur family is here?
hey God,can't u see 'what man has made of man'?
should i plead for an undisturbed sleep for one night?
there will b no sound,no noise,no shouts of pain.
why are metals shining in ur hand?why dose holsters on ur belts?
are they enuf to bury the screams of the people u merdered!
do u sleep peacefully?,i asked.
never do u feel sweats on ur forehead when a nightmare wake u up?
give peace a chance.
they didn't listen to me.
their eyes needed to see the WORK done.
still had two bullets left.
i felt a molten metal piece trespassing in2 my leftside.
i fell to the ground.
they were reaching the child i showed.
i whispered,give him a chance to live.
a sudden scream tore the silence apart
for the last time at that nite.



>> Jan 2, 2006

From the dawn of ur life to this very morning
You've got pleasure,pain n many other things.
there were lot to cheer lot to scream
sometimes a sleepless night,a beautiful dream.
moments to share and memories to care
Experience to tell and events to hear.
days r the same as "they soon glided by"
green will the field blue will be the sky.
hope dis day will unfold a new page of ur life
and touch the ideal u always strived.
may u b sweeter than sweet,dearer dan dear
bcoz my frnd it will jst not be another year.
2006,the new year has arrived so make it count
lets make an oath u will b simpler and
our friendship will b sound.


The Hungry Tide

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