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the night i was murdered

>> Jan 16, 2006

can u see the boy?there,ya there.
leave him.give him a chance to live his life.
they stopped for a moment..looked at me in surprise.
I went on what do u get destroying our families?
tell me why don't u feel the same as if ur family is here?
hey God,can't u see 'what man has made of man'?
should i plead for an undisturbed sleep for one night?
there will b no sound,no noise,no shouts of pain.
why are metals shining in ur hand?why dose holsters on ur belts?
are they enuf to bury the screams of the people u merdered!
do u sleep peacefully?,i asked.
never do u feel sweats on ur forehead when a nightmare wake u up?
give peace a chance.
they didn't listen to me.
their eyes needed to see the WORK done.
still had two bullets left.
i felt a molten metal piece trespassing in2 my leftside.
i fell to the ground.
they were reaching the child i showed.
i whispered,give him a chance to live.
a sudden scream tore the silence apart
for the last time at that nite.

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Anonymous July 02, 2006 5:46 PM  

hey checked ur pro from orkut..
i like dis particular poem.. the whole subject that u chose is what i liked but isnt it too wordy.. i, myself is not a good one.. hvnt written for last 1year but now planning to do it now..
Ur ideas are good.. btw,always use thesaurus..u get very new and exact words 4 wat u wanna say

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