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>> Oct 19, 2008

There were times when
I used to find nature selfish
Because it was seasonal;
And not like poetry that comes
Even in the outrageous summers or rusty winters
Or catalytic rains.

Its been long
Where Memories have flooded down
Many a prayers
That had names of us and verses.

I still stand under that pine
Where words used to come to me
Like soft breeze that blows within,
For inspirations better lived with you.

Today this pauper poet awaits them
And the pine leaves fall as if gifting me
A silent poetry of yours, in rhythm.

I still search for those crystals that
My palms had soaked thence.

The color of blood was faded that day.




>> Oct 10, 2008

I will put the lights out tonight.
Certainty is not you, I know.
On the floor where scented sticks
burn themselves with aroma,
I will remember you.

Oh, till how far should the memory be traced
If I wish to remember?

I will leave the doors open tonight.
You are in disguise, I know.
In my balcony where full moon reflects
And lends me a hazy twin of hers,
I will see you refracted inside me.

Oh, till how far should the lights obey physics
If I wish to see the seen?

I will dance in the rain tonight.
"Rain is mine", you used to say, I know.
On that lawn where droplets evoke soily smell
And cold breeze iterates,
I will soak you inside me.

Oh till how far is it raining?
Tell me its the same the droplet that wets me,
awaits you.



The Chosen One

There will be ours
And there will be yours.
But what if creations cry out,
What are the creators' worth?

How can you distinguish
Which rose to choose
If ever you knew, one plucked
Makes the others cry?



Snake Skin

In winters I woke up
And saw blood in my hand.
Blood- of conscience or
of realization?
I watched my epidermis
peeling itself off,
As if in hatred for my flesh.

Unaffected me crawled across my bed.
Because I know,
At night, sheepishly
When I will come out of
My snake skin, I will forget
about blood of theirs
that had stained mine.

I will rejoice the spring



The Hungry Tide

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