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Triplets-To the women

>> Nov 28, 2007

A Mermaid

A leaf
luscious green
To empower nature.
To beautify.
Always exuberant
at the slightest breeze.
Expectant of the spring
to be more youthful.
And a promise,
Not to let autumn
claim her feebly!

Then Marriage

A bond--So strong.
Two palms spread--Two on them.
Words uttered--comforting silence.
To live,
To care,
To share--Together.
A promise for
being forever--to each other.
Till death And perhaps beyond.

Comes Motherhood

A touch,
A feel
to the womb.
And the baby is born.
To grow up with him
For him.
To ensure,
To enact
As a guide,as a friend,
And as a Mother.
Then when death comes,
Live inside



A triplet to the Women.Just an honest and spontaneous effort.Dont know how it will go.


Be to her virtues very kind,
Be to her faults a little blind.
~Matthew Prior

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>> Nov 22, 2007

Why do pains creep up
Time and time again?

When my ever so convinced mind
tells me to leave those mundane thoughts,
I am proved wrong,
As life moves on
With careless indifference.
And I laugh,
I smile,
I cry and
I feel the pain.

Pathos dont travel time.
Old,new--they hurt the same.
As the intensity dies down
I assure myself in
The deepest corner of their hide-outs.
Untill one day they bare me
With the sharp claws
and the glittering knives.

And i stand amazed and assured
They would not come back again.

In the Lifeful of happiness
and the glycerine of hopes
I actually wait for the
Pain to resurface and
Pathos to recycle.

Then I wish
One day, I would make it


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>> Nov 12, 2007

That evening
I was taking classes
With my usual red badge
Pinned to my conscience.

Red badge,Red vision
Red hopes--
To which I am ever so
Committed !

And I asked my fellow students
"Give me the antonyms please"



I rose up.

And this followed


I grew restless

--"Nandigram! Sir"

My red blood boiled up.
I got red
In anger
In desperation.

I screamed,
"Silence ...Silence please"

A student rose up
"If only we could realise it
A bit earlier Sir"

I sat bewildered
As my blood oozed out
Blue in colour.



had to come up with a strange one..In west bengal its a terrible
situation..We really can not sit back and watch the death of democracy
and I am quite ashamed to proclaim that.

I am not politicially biased..But even being apolitical I protest]

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Proof Sheet

One year back
It was for the first time.
You questioned me of
My commitment.
I brought you proofs
to deny you and save 'us'.

What you didnt know was
I had to fight a fever
the night after.

One month back
You accused me of
My loyality.
And I again searched for proofs
To show the truth and save 'us'.

What you didnt know was
I failed in an exam
the day after

Among your millions of allegations
Against me
And my will to hold
on to 'us'
I realised I had become a proof sheet.

When one day back,
You loathed me for
My inabilities
I ran for nothing,

What you didnt know was
We were never together.

I denied you to save
'Me and my love'.

- - - -

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”

Walter Anderson


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