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>> Aug 31, 2008

Wait beside that jasmine tree dear.

I will find you through
the gates of romantic air ,
Where your charm n her scent
dilute into irresistible wishes.

We will whisper our dreams
On the cold wintry evenings,
On the offshore of springs
Till the full-moon awares us .

"Oh thy beauty can elude the
blooming jasmines into early offerings"
--I will write such lines or two
being far off from the world we call 'real' .
We only chose to live the dreams
With us together , didn't we?

Oh yes, they say
To err is human ,to love is divine.
So one day I may not kiss you that softly ,
Your tender palms may seem a bit rough ,
Still the evening jasmine will remain
And spread around our fragrance of love
In silent and pure diffusion .

Wait under the jasmine tree dear ,
For that final time.




>> Aug 10, 2008

The sky is yours ,
So is the wind.
On all those treaded paths where
Uniqueness recycles ,
A very common man awaits you.
Who never let the icicles melt,
never let the chimes to stop humming
And never robbed words from his pen
For you made him grow .

Scars were all I got .
But did you ever notice a tinge of red?

Today don't let those wounds heal ,
Because at my funeral , in your presence
I will dip the white roses with blood.
If for once you accept ...

...The Eucalyptus will convey my glee.
The roots reach where I lie , deep within
Where you couldn't ,ever.

and from there it will whisper ,

Would you ?

Careful with those fragile leaves dear,
Its always been winter.



String of Love

The crimson sky will depart
As the dreamy moon shall glow
In its soft and sensuous freedom.
Under the starry sky ,
Where the oyster shells reflect
Feeble white hopes ,
I will write you one letter
With no destination .
I know you will read it
At once.

When did we ever need
a nylon to show
We are threaded ?




I won't call life uneven.

It was your smile,
Those glances,
Subtle nods , whispers
that gestured me in this world.
And when I am too much in it ,
You blur out!

It is now those green liquids ,
these stimulators I need
To be in a world
Where I don't belong.
But I must pretend ,I do.

When syringes find no more
virgin skin ,
Would you come and take me
Where I wish to ?

Can you ever squeeze in me
To that short space
Where green is for hope ?




>> Aug 3, 2008


He waited for them,
But they never came .

In the ceremony of words,
the cards were never sent to
the alphabets.

And he sat , lonely ,
without those guests .
A blank page , a vacant gaze.
And moments conspired to
Poison him slowly.

On his last breath ,
He wrote , ...

We conclude ,
Pauses punctuated him to


He invited them ,
But they denied.

and he slit his own wrist.
Failed , deranged.
The so called alternatives
robbed the soul that remained.

They stabbed him ,
All over.
Blood diluted the pigments
Of creation.

Did someone ever say ,
Words are blunt ?


P.S.-- Rajarshi's "Poetic Prose" has cast its influence here.


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