Honored by Usha Ma'am & Rukhiya


>> Aug 21, 2009


For a thousand words
that floated like bubble between us,
Only few have burst into wet emotions.
Perhaps the others were too shy.

In that cosmos of togetherness
words that haven't touched us
have nudged each other, played in circle.

And we have wondered if
noise is what can't be deciphered
or won't.


Silence is us
When thoughts are symbiotic.
In between, there is a glass
that lets our eyes read each other, not in full.
Opacity is pride sometimes.

And then,
Ideologies have faced mortality
Through curious moments.

We have been individually two
When silence became a predator.


Just then, it dawned.
Silence and noise are twins.
We, the conscious, have conspired and failed.



If you promise me...

>> Aug 9, 2009

I wish to gift you but one rose.
The color parched in red
still drips the same, from me.

Indifferent we have been to the sea
and so has been our coming and going
and going and coming onto each other ; waves.

For I know how we have savoured a kiss,
A starved touch that has distancelessly etched
into the warmth of fire and poured on some mature ashes.

If I really write the saddest lines tonight
I wonder if the glorious moon will soothe any less,
the gentle sea will unlook shallow.
I am lost and I don't want to sleep but dream.

In a bright daylight where sunflowers bloom
I will gift you an irrelevant book;
you look ethereal when your eyes art surprise.
I will sketch you in trembling hands and tear it apart
because the joy is mine and I am selfish to share with you.

If you promise me a touch, I shall keep the moment
It has the scent of your skin, forever as a hope.



The Hungry Tide

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