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>> May 30, 2010

Your love is that of sea.

You love mountains
So your words echo,
the ones you say.
And for the silence, it's turbulent.
It comes in waves and I taste salt.

There are moments when we differ.
We all do.
Your anger comes in waves, dive and burst.
You say I am oceanic.
My emotions have no end
but one must explore; you do.

For the times you have waited for me
to call your name,
I have been busy keeping your memories
in the heart of the ocean.

You have asked,
Have you been restless, ever?
I have only tried.
Depth is a burden at times.

You will never know.
The times I have cried and called your name,
I was too deep.

I am blue.




>> May 13, 2010

Let us not know each other tonight
Let us not think what we could have said,
what we had to, what we can, what we should.
Let us just, unknowingly, make a story.

Today you can just hold my hand, or not.
We can keep silence; it grows distance
which someone says, is comforting.
I can blurt it out today.
I can tell you how many times I have missed you
and cried and laugh about it, just.
You can count yours. Happy face?

Let us not call it a love too.
We have seen too much of it, haven't we?
Let us just unknow what we don't
And say, we knew each other, unknowingly.



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