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>> Jul 6, 2006

hv tried to share my emotion thru a half poem half essay type piece..its not as artistic or poignant as a poem but its wat i call sharing my feeling in a diffrnt way..hope u all wld like to write sumthng bout dis topic

Today is our school leaving day.
The big gate is just infront.
large gate with iron beams in it.
Beyond the gate a matured future is waiting.
Yes,i am in my school for the very last time.
never did i have a second thought while crossing the gate after leave
but today was different,really different.
Couldn't i see the sparkling tear drops in our teacher's eyes?
Ours were filled up too.
maturity at the cost of innocent times is not worth it.
moments me and my friends spent,cherished for years-
they were coming back as a collage--frame after frame.
it hapenns to evrybody i consoled myself.
but it was not enough.
"its dark outside.what r you doing here.go home"said the gatekeeper.
I shouted,"I know,rain is going to pour in tonight."
my last words fainted with sob mixed with raindrops.

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arajit July 07, 2006 3:44 AM's GREAT!!!!!!!

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