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A note to you, dearest

>> Jun 24, 2009

The tender memories have
long been terrified and quiet under
your harsher overtones.

Smiles and giggles have hid under our pillows
that has designer covers with
many a sobs of mine carefully washed.

Artificial smiles, socialites' parties,
a theatrical performance each day,
happy photographs, innocent make ups -
All of them I have obeyed-
dutifully, gracefully, being yours, your own.

And I have seen life change
in the eyes of a pessimistic kaleidoscope
that never had a coloured glass inside.

At night, you crawl
No, NO, you happily trespass
on to the soul you legally claim
and never realize a void that exists between
You and me.

As the darkest of empathies coil up
within me on some nights,
That same vacuum takes shape of a
Unborn child that I have so dearly wished
and you have denied, on timeless times.

Oh, you have taught me to hate myself.

So tonight, before you think
you can choke me to death,
I don't want to read aloud
Yet another average verse
that bleeds and cares not ...

... because I am a woman.

Your serpentine chords of conscience
will never ever reach its roots
Where I am now.

I will sleep in peace, deep.


3 well-wishers:

The abstract scientist June 24, 2009 4:47 PM  

Kool ..well written emotions.

NesQuarX July 01, 2009 1:50 PM  

Linkin park would be put to shame. Applause.

RM March 21, 2011 1:16 AM  

This resonates quite deeply with me. Did you somehow look at me and manage to look into my soul?

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