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>> Sep 25, 2006

It was raining that night
The night where the sky was black
And I was awake.
Awake for the reason U'd have come
Just to get a glimpse of me.
I couldn't see ur face
But i used to read it,-
the face where feelings used to wave
and expressions deep .
I thought i had found my true love.
on those torn papers u used to throw
I could feel ur presence
I Could feel how much u loved me.
At last someone who had loved my innerself
Not my body,not da trace of flesh and blood.
But i was so wrong.
I had forgot,my wheel chair,-
my steely truth.
I could see ur face that day
when u saw me in that chair.
Compassion had crept in place of love
In ur eyes I could read that naked truth
"Oh my god,This girl is handicapped!"
Suddenly those night visits,those torn love notes
those innocent sentiments were gone.
I felt very ashamed,i felt strange.
Still i sat on that balcony the next night
My weak mind convinced of a glimpse of u
You were not there
It was not raining that night
But i know not why the sky was even darker
I discovered that night
Our love was just as I was
perhaps u too,......DISABLED.

DIS POEM OF MINE IS NOT against dose disabled persons who have lost love...but 4 dose who have left love bcoz dey were mentally handicapped and couldnt accept luv's physical disabled state.

3 well-wishers:

Meena March 31, 2007 10:09 AM  

I have tears in my eyes!!
How can love be so transistory???

Megha August 13, 2007 4:52 AM  

Seriously Soumya.. it tlks of Transcidental love.. Love that knows no bounds..

Goodluck.. Keep it up!!

sunila June 05, 2009 12:20 PM  

Was sincerely touched by the sensitivity which goes in this creation...touching and beautiful

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