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Lost and Found...

>> Jul 9, 2007

It was not a significant stroll afterall
thru da lanes of my own mind.
unexpectedly enough it was so dark
that it was rather a search
than a walk.

i decidedly went to every corner...
one by one...once and for all.
some were disgusted with my treatment
some hiding some rotten past
some hopeful for a bright future
and da rest not knowing what to do!

i waved at dem all ...
some smiled back
some barked at
and some remained numb

I was already feeling out of place
Is this my mind??i live by it!
I asked myself
and walked on..hapazardly
further down da road
caught up wid an old friend..
uncosciously enough i asked him
"hey i know you...
We used to be together!!
isnt it?"
He smiled back feebly..
reminded me of da past...
i got shaken...felt ashamed..
wid an unassuming expression
in a semi dark street of my own persona
I regretfully but wid a bright face told him
"Welcome back conscience
Lost and found wid pride"

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Megha August 13, 2007 4:41 AM  

Lost n Found With Pride.. it shows us some of the most commonly ignored facts about ourselves..

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