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Mother,i want to be home

>> Aug 5, 2006

I remember the days
drenched in sweat and mud
i used to scream "mother,I am home."
those were the moments;
innocent screams,however louder they were
had an intimacy of their own.

I stil remember the days
jostling and fighting in da field
we used to behave like enemies
those were the moments
childish pranks,however violent were they
had a softness of their own.

My memory still flashes wid dose
when it was the first spring,
i fell in luv,i really did
those were the moments
true love,however immaturish it was
had a purity of its own.

today,i stand over money summed up.
today,i ask for watever i want to.
today,i buy fame and glory wid time.

still when i am alone,
i remember those days.
i tried and i failed; i realised
money can't buy true love that i lost.
I wanted but i learnt today
money brought wid it loneliness i asked unwantedly.

Today i am alone.
i try to recall my childhood
dose innocent dream,dose natural sentiments...
i know not when did i cry last
but i feel like today...
i cry silently,i cry impatiently;
i scream wid a voice unheard
"Mother,i want to be home,...... again"

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richa November 28, 2006 7:10 AM  

very close to my heart...i miss my mom very much as i live in jaipur away frm my home town......
very sweet poem soumya...

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