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>> Aug 5, 2006

DIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME credit goes to tania mukherjee too ....still i wld like to share dis poem in my blog as i hv written last half...

an autumn boulevard lined with golden trees-
from where golden leaves fall,
the blue,cotton streaked sky,a naughty breeze;
i walk till i encounter a wall.
on the wall sits an apostle-
an apostle of friendship,warmth,love-
amidst the busyness of the world;the hustle n bustle-
manifestation of serenity,peaceful as a dove.
i stand beneath nature's warmth,da mother's arm
where tenderness embraces heart and soul.
every prayer is answered wid a softness of its own
And da almighty looks after as nothing goes foul.
the golden leaves wave a new meaning as i walk
along the wall that is there
wealth comes up wid a definition in my mind
as feelings share and emotions care.
A realisation dawns upon as i grow expectant
and set my mundane desires run free
I kneel down wid my eyes sobbed and ashamed
gradually surrender my greedy heart to Thee.

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rukhiya May 06, 2008 12:24 PM  

Realisation dawns, the yellow is significant of the dawn too and surrender we should, to the Almighty :)

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