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>> Aug 21, 2006

Put out the light.
I am blind,blind to the world.
Sunrise and sunset
the words are only different.
I dont know what colours are.
i even wonder what black is.
I see vacuum,I see blank-
actually,i see...nothing.
May be I am blessed.
I dont see people cry.
I don't see them die.
Ican't see innocents getting molested.
Rape a girl and i can't see that too.
They are all events,described ones.
Let them be like that,I pray.
I am blessed.
but i have felt how love fail
I know how relationship goes fake
even can i realise how friends betray.
I am blind,so be it.
You are not,I beg u
Put on the light.

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Anonymous February 26, 2011 7:15 AM  

Because ignorance is bliss...a benediction.

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