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>> Aug 21, 2006

Turn me down not
for I will be there all the time
Waiting for you,for that one fine moment.
When you will look around
Your eyes,searching a trace of my heart.

Turn me down not
for i will be there when you're alone.
Alone,with a pleading mind.
ressurected from the thrash of a heartbreak.
You will ask for something,only to realise
I'm standing with more than myself to give to u.

Turn me down not
when i wl b there at ur doorstep.
willing to show you the night sky.
where thousands of stars will lit our footsteps.
and none of us would say a word.

Turn me down not
for i will hold ur hand one day.
My feet will protest and my heart will race
My lips can get stuck still i would manage
"Can we.....??"
Please turn me down not then.

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Anonymous February 13, 2007 9:36 AM  

man can't believe u r not in love..still come up wid dese types of work...great...hats off to u...

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