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>> Sep 3, 2007

And I saw her.
With rain at her footsteps
and drizzle accompanying,
She came.
Did I feel nervous?
I did.

She stopped under the window
and waited
for the windchime to sing.
Treaded by the moody wind
and cool breeze
It went on playing
With a rhythmic continuity
and an ethereal tone.

I stood there.
Seeing her dance
watching her play
with giggles,music and rain.

And suddenly it happened.
As she looked up to see me
She ran..
Away,far away.

Today is the same day.
As if to recreate memories
of sweet consequences
Wouldn't she come!

I sensed she was near
and wished if i could melt.
Absorbed me tickled the chime.
The magic started all over again
till the far away girl
yearner for it to come clear
and then only
the autumn breeze


Yet again...


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Rukhiya June 22, 2008 5:23 AM  

How many ever times you write about the rains, its still as fresh and as different as that first drop from a new cloud. :)

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