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One black coffee

>> Aug 28, 2007

One black coffee
and I made love to her.
Wasn't it the most obvious thing?

Leave apart the morbid thoughts,
Those unscrupulous questions.
She was married
and more importantly to someone else.
So how could I?

That was a rainy dark night.
Chatting over a cup of coffee
Didnt know when the sugar cubes melted.
As it was fuming
we waited for it to calm down
It didn't.
Should we have waited?
Perhaps yes..may be.
but it was strong enough.
Caffeine took us over
As we indulged into the sip
then one more
and then till the end.

Must i ask you Mr.
Can you control your emotion
err passion at that time?
Or is it unruly of me
to ask about the naked truth
In the so called DIGNIFIED poets' world?

Why am I being accused?
DO i have to cope up
to the hipocricy of the society
and bury my feelings !


Accuse me if you want
Loathe me if you wish.
But i ask you now
Hadn't you offered the lady
one black coffee
if you were me..??!!

[P.S.-Characters,Ideas and Events purely fictitious ]


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rukhiya June 07, 2008 6:30 AM  

There are these times, when emotions (shrouded in a word 'passions' or vice versa) overtake everything else, that we attribute to other things (evasive)-to caffeine or other stimulants and sedatives. Blatant but the oh so subtle hand thats yours puts the nail in the head! Powerful and 'truth'ful. Thankfully so. :)
p.s.: Rofl for the p.s. :D However did you think of that disclaimer..gosh! Rofl :D ;)

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