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>> Aug 4, 2007

Random thoughts
Waving back and forth
like an uncanny turmoil..

I start off a new day
I rise.
I speak.
I walk.
and I work.
My mind
does accordingly.

I wander.
And i wonder too.
As my emotions
Where my motion had left..

Little do i show outside
Little can i conceal inside.
Its pure.
Its absolute.
Its clear.
And its not

I rest my body.
I rest my soul.
My thoughts
roam around.
Endless seas of emotions
and lands of events.
As they
delve deep
and rise at the surface...
A definiteness
which I'm proud
and sometimes
I despise of.

I wait for it to slow down
It doesn't
I know it will not.
I have to live with this.
Everyone does
I suppose.

I realise
I am a thinker first
A poet later.


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Megha August 13, 2007 4:40 AM  

very thoughtful.. wonderful.. AWESOME..

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