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My Grandma Says....Rubbish.

>> Jan 24, 2007

dis poem is actually to wake those ppl up who feel they wl b spoon fed..and when the time comes for action they realise dey hv been too late to do anything with their lives n find excuses of fate instead...its 4m a very dull person's point of u can see the language used in dis poem is not dat rich but rather amusing....

My grandma says,--
When the Sun was young
And the mind strong
Never did i get out
to see the sunshine on my head
Chose to remain oblivious instead.

My grandma says,--
When the night was deep
And had needed a sleep
never did i get out
to see the starry sky.
Didn't see the moon,bright but shy.

My grandma is very talkative
she also says,--
When it had rained
And i was home,never drenched.
Never did i get out
To feel the raindrops in my hands
The murmur of leaves,
which i tried not to understand.

SO one day i got out and looked straight.
Though My grandma said it was too late.
The sun didnt shine.
The moon didnt soothe.
The sky didnt shower.
I got surprised,i asked to forgive.
still happened nothing
i came home and never ever got out
for i felt i was decieved.

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Megha August 13, 2007 4:44 AM  

Once Agian.. AWESOME.. very nice.. wonderful..

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