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A Mirror In That Room

>> May 21, 2007

As life was marching on,unperturbed
I had forgot about that room.
That very room where i didn't dare to go.
Where some of my preconceived notion,
some not-so-happy facts were kept-
rather locked.
Never i was an explorer.
So in my happy feet of life,
which atleast i had thought to be so
Didnt try to look at the closed door.
But as life went on, sailing,
sometimes too fast
One day I had to find a mirror.
Pity!there was none in my house.
I soliloquized,may be in that room?!
I freed myself of an age old fear.
Surprised me saw the past didnt haunt!
The present sat quiet.
I went to the mirror.
After so many days,I looked at myself.
Wasn't it too dark!
I opened up the window.
I needed the room to clear up.
As the light took possession of every inch
The darkness expressed a sigh of relief
I looked at myself,--
realized it was not the place
it was only me whom i was running from.
"Let there be light,Forever"-echoed the room!

1 well-wishers:

Megha August 13, 2007 4:44 AM  

Looking at urself is the last thing ppl do.. as it mks dem realise hw ignorant they r.. just by closing our eyes.. truth cant b denied..

WONDERFUL creation Soumya.. Beautiful.. U knw d art of writing the REAL TOUGH things in a very very simple yet completely expressive manner..


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