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A Night To Mourn

>> Mar 20, 2007

For she was so frail
Could have she
Or should hv she
Shorten the span of the night.
Outside the semi dark room
Where the gloomy sky,
Pitch dark in acquintance
Was measuring the uncertainity of time.
And inside the room
the lady,-the frail,pale lady
uncertain of her own status,--
married or widow!
only fate will decide thee-she thought.
some more time,some more.
when the ray of hope
will light up the night sky,
outcasting the spell of horror.
But can he breathe upto the end?
She thought
nearing his heart, her eager senses.
Yes its still beeping,she assured herself.
It was too strenuous a night.
Poor she,couldn't see the night off,awake.
A sudden blow of wind made her shiver
She got awakened,
alert by some unnatural presence.
Astouned she saw the lamp blowing out..
She jumped,held her hands to protect thou.
But the flames,treachorous it was
extinguished itself in a sinful manner.
As the first colour painted the far away horizon
She got near to her husband
Is it stil beeping !?
She couldn't assure herself this time.
Leaving the gloomy sky gloomier
a mournful cry sobbed in pain n bitterness
expanded synonomously with the first light of a new day.

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