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A Promise

>> May 13, 2008

Tiptoeing through the
Darkness as the First glow
Reaches us,
I come out
In that shivering breeze
And a blue sky.

As I progress with
Naked feet, the dew drops
die of innocence
Comforting ,reminding me
Of the last night's

And I run like a child
Willingly leaving all my
Burdensome adulthood
To the horizon
Where you paint a bit of a yellow
As if alluring me into it.

Happily I reach afar
Till I fall short of breath.
Panting I return,
Promising myself like a teen
That I would walk some
Extra yards
So that one day
I reach where You
want me to.
Heaven on earth.


2 well-wishers:

rukhiya May 14, 2008 1:04 AM  

Such insights into the journey to realisation should be taught in schools. You are a wonderful being Soumya and this is how it manifests.

Usha :) May 20, 2008 1:58 AM  

Childlike, yet all knowing, and yet a simple wisdom in the poem!

Beautifully captured!

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