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>> May 21, 2008

If it had
Only been about appearance,
I would have
chosen the best brands
and accessories
and perfumes and
make ups
to come in-front of you.

But what if
It had rained that day!
Would you have
Loved a troubled face ?
a messed up me ?

I wonder why
Love had to be staged
when it was only you,
Who knew
How I am &
More importantly
How we are.

If at all
It had no curtains
In between.


2 well-wishers:

rukhiya May 21, 2008 12:51 PM frail yet such a barrier! And love staged- is love enacted :)
Beautiful as ever! :)

Usha :) May 23, 2008 1:52 AM  

You ask the question, and know the answer, yet wait, hesitatingly, and wonder....!

Sometimes it's like that, our fearful anxieties, and certain knowledge confound us, we who are waiting to be confounded so that we need not commit:)

Just wrote what popped out of the head:) Hope it does not detract from the lovely poem!

Touched me deep, this one did!!

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