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>> Oct 27, 2006

Can there be a rebirth in a single life?
A rebirth that too as a poet.
Remember the days,the gold old days.
I was running after my wishes.
My ambitious mind in search of a longdue fame.
Life was so fragile that time that
I couldn't recognise my simplest of happiness
For i was busy in other bigger dreams.
perhaps in such a moment i had got a paper
and i scratched a few lines on it.
That was it.
I realised it that day how does it feel to create.
'Is this what it feels to be god'I asked.
Simplest of work,unnoticed,hesitant
brought me tears in my eyes.
After so many days i bitterly wept.
Life was aloways at my doors
It was only me who had gone for it elsewhere..
Someone screamed,"you're a poet can be famous"
And someone whispered,
"Beyond the window lie your mundane desires
the fame you deserve
And here,somewhere,something is in store."
I went up to the window to shut it down.
And sat down....
Sat down with my first few lines of poems.

2 well-wishers:

richa November 19, 2006 7:42 AM  

nice poem soumya...

Megha August 13, 2007 4:49 AM  

this poet dusnt need a rebirth...

U already know the art of playing with wrds so well..
Once again.. WONDERFUL..

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